What is small box pattern in the top left corner of screen

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I have an ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder video card. I am using TMPGEnc to encode for VCD. I have noticed a small box in the corner of my captured video and downloaded mpegs that I have been experimenting with. I see it on some of the downloaded mpegs and all of my captured video. It is a small box with a pattern of nine smaller boxes inside of it. It seems to be simi-transparent and have a reversed video effect. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it?

Thanks, Dean

-- Dean Perry (deanp_ca@yahoo.com), July 31, 2001


Did you install Elecard MPEG2 Player? If yes, there's your answer.

-- Fred Graham (frankG74@hotmail.com), August 02, 2001.

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