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Does anyone know what digital color photographic printing method (i.e., LightJet, Fujix, inkjet, Ultrastable, etc.) has the broadest color gamut? I'm trying to print extremely pure neon blues and blue-violets from transparencies.

~chris jordan

-- chris jordan (, July 30, 2001


Go to

and find the link to "Gamut Comparator" to make comparisons between any two color spaces. Maybe you don't want the broadest gamut, but the one that contains the colors you're after.

-- John Hennessy (, July 30, 2001.

With digital you can pick your printing range {lets say 5 stops} place them where ever you like {tword the highlights or shadows} and manipulate the rest with the levels control. It isn't always what the color gamut's limits are. Its more of adjusting so that your eye can percieve your original intent. Your print might not match your transparency exactly but when view as a whole after your adjustments the eyes/mind can be tricked into seeing what you want. To answer your question I think it is the fuji pictrography.

-- john (, July 31, 2001.

As per John H above, I agree, check out profile cities page, you will find that LJ prints tend to be very strong in the careful if you bring the image into PS and use a working space that is smaller in the color range you want, since data clipping will occur and then you are screwed...there is no getting back the clipped data. For the LJ, use JHolmes Ektaspace in PS, it was specifically designed for that printer...assuming you want to use the LJ.

-- Bill Glickman (, August 01, 2001.

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