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Guys, I have just discovered a new way to develop B+W films positively. Well not really discovered "per se" but used a positive developer from PhotoChem (available here in Australia via Vanbar)and the results were just perfect! I've increased the contrast a little with selinium (1:3)and boy-o-boy.......Mind you it is a 6-step procedure plus rinsing with water in between steps so you really need a jobo processor! If you are interested to know more just email me.

-- Renee Galang (, July 30, 2001


Have you tried this with any photo paper? I would love to be able to expose a sheet of photo paper in the camera and get a positive b&w image.

Next time you get out your chemicals, any chance you could run a test strip of exposed paper and see if you get an image?

-- Jonathan Smith (, April 26, 2002.

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