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I split an .asf file into a .wav and an .avi using Virtual Dub. I then rejoined them into an .mpg using TMPGEnc. The video comes out find but there is no sound in the combined file. I have done this several times using different .asf files. Any suggestions? I have followed the instruction given at:

Please help me!

-- Jeremy Roswell (, July 30, 2001


You did sometin wrong somewheres cuz i use TMPGenc and Virtual Dub and my asf split files come out perfect

do this: open the asf in virtual dub goto file-save wav (save it where you wont forget, takes about 20 seconds for me but i got a sweet machine :p)

in tmpgenc: open the original file for video open the saved virtual dub file for audio hit start and wait


-- Mr.Dope (, August 07, 2001.

yeh that worked for me aswell a big thank you

-- mitch (, December 19, 2002.

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