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Hi to all,iīm completely new to vcd world and i have a question to start with. I capture a movie from my camera with Ati all in wonder 32 mb video/graphic card,in mpeg1 format and i burn to a cd with Nero in 352 x 280 at 25 fps (PAL/SECAM)the rest you know for sure.It happens that i never saw my burned cd on a dvd or vcd player so my question is that:i will see it in full screen from my tv ? No loss of image quality ? Thatīs all for now but aspect more questions for sure. Thanks to all. Claudio

-- Claudio V (, July 29, 2001


Hi Claudio, Yes, you will see the VCD in full screen on your TV if your DVD player supports CD-R media. I wish you good luck with this. You would be surprised how many DVD players don't support CD-R. You might want to go to and look at the DVD compatibility list to see if you have a chance of it working. Will you lose image quality? Absolutely! You may be disappointed to see that the VCD you see on your PC does not look as good when you play it on your TV. You will notice more blockiness for sure on your TV because the larger image magnifies the flaws.

-- Jason (, July 31, 2001.

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