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Lots of you will be laughing at me for asking this, but i need to know:

how do i open my cardboard envelope with ilfochrome papers inside? are the sheets (12x16) individually wrapped in light tight material or do i have to open the main envelope in darkness?

Also does any one know an effective way to rinse and dry an ilforchrome print after it has been processed? I will be using a CAP40 processor. Is rinsing with a hand help spray nozzle in the bath followed by air drying on some flyscreen (emulsion up of course!!) ok?

-- Phil Brammer (, July 29, 2001


Ilfochrome paper is plastic. It will dry with just a slight curl to it. Open the paper in complete darkness.

-- james (, July 29, 2001.

James, he might want to open them with the lights on so he can count and make sure they are all there. (Just kidding). Pat

-- pat krentz (, July 29, 2001.


Ilfochrome is packed inside a light-tight plastic bag. to open: cut or tear the outer cardboard flap open. Its OK to do that much in the light. Then, turn off lights, open cardboard and remove/open plastic bag. No safelights allowed.

I rinse with a hose in a tray. Nothing fancy is needed, and you only need to rinse for 3 minutes at 75 degrees or two minutes at 86. You should rinse at the same temp or only slightly cooler than the Cap 40 operates at (I think thats 86). Rapid temperature change can cause reticulation. Have fun and let me know how it goes. Too few people are doing Ilfochromes these days

I always hang my Ilfochromes to dry, using a plastic clothes hanger. You might get spotting if you dry them horizontal, but I've never tried that. I dont squeegee either, its too risky IMO. I think hanging is the way to go. You can also use a hair dryer on medium heat, but I only do that for test prints because sometimes it blows particulate gunk onto the print where it dries into the emulsion

-- Wayne (, July 29, 2001.

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