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Is the Bogen 3021 (manfrotto 055) with a Bogen 3275 junior geared head(manfrotto 410) suitable for a 3kg 4x5 camera (Arca discovery, Walker titan). If not, which model is the next in the Bogen/Manfrotto range that will do?

-- Theo Hartman (, July 29, 2001


Theo, I used that same combination for years while travelling with an older Zone VI 4x5 and any lens I had, including a 360 telephoto. It worked just fine. The only reason I've stopped is that I've now got a stronger legset that is even smaller. You should have no problems whatever.


-- Anthony J. Kohler (, July 29, 2001.

Theo - I've been using an 055 with the discovery, and it's solid enough. I have just ordered an 029 head to replace the 168 ball head, which was strong enough, but I found it a problem with leveling. I've had an 055 for many years, and it's seen use in all conditions, with 35mm, medium format, and large format. just bought a new one in fact, as the center column on my old one had developed some play.

-- Michael Mahoney (, July 29, 2001.


I've also used the 055/029 combo for many, many years as my tripod of choice for a wide range of photography and conditions. It is a good solid rig and will support the 3-5kg range no problem.

I am looking at getting the 410 as well for fine adjustment work, but the 029 head is very good, if you like a 3-way head. The only modification I made to improve stability was to lock the center column in a fixed position with a great big bolt. I was getting too much play and this stabilised things perfectly. I don't like extending the center column anyway, so it was no loss.


Peter Brown

-- Peter Brown (, July 29, 2001.


I have been using that combination for years, both with my Hasselblad systems as well as my Linhof Technika V. The only way I would change it is for a lighter set of legs, possible carbon fibre one day when I think the price is worth the weight savings.

-- Bill Lester (, July 30, 2001.

Theo I used this combination with the Ebony SW45 and I had no problems with regards to stability. I recently changed to a Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod with the 410 jnr. geared head which is a real pleasure to use so easy to carry with the camera attached. Good luck,

-- Trevor Crone (, July 30, 2001.

Theo, I've been using the Bogen/Manfrotto (New is now Manfrotto) 410 geared head for years. Just purchased another one, as the original developed a bit of play somewhere within the gearing. It gives you a precise level in both directions, and is a pleasure to use. I've mated it with a 2nd generation Gitzo carbon fiber 4-leg no -center-column tripod. Primo combo. It's rated for 11 lbs - I think that's conservative.

-- John W. Randall (, August 06, 2001.

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