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I would appreciate any route info that would allow me to scramble to the Diving Board in the region of Yosemite near Grizzly Peak, Mount Broderick, and Liberty Cap. I would like to do some large format photography of Half Dome's face from this perspective, but am having difficulty establishing a route from The Happy Isles/Vernal Falls access. Thanks. -HB

-- henri barber (, July 29, 2001


I believe that you do the Snake Dike approach and stay to the left as you approach the shoulder of the dome. Scamble through the Manzaneta up to the top of the hill then head east to cliff edge. Be really carefull in this area due to huge drop offs.

-- Dingo (, July 31, 2001.

"Dingo" is correct. If you do the approach to the climb "Snake Dike", you just thrash NW through horrible manzanita for another 10 minutes to the top of the Diving Board. Great view, well worth the thrash! There is an excellent description of the Snake Dike approach (2 ways even) on the SuperTopos web site,

Photographically, you will need a wide angle lens (probably you know that!). With a 35mm camera, even a 35mm lens can't fit all of half dome in.

-- George Bell (, August 08, 2001.

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