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We recently visited and shot Ohiopyle Falls southeast of Pittsburgh (and near Fallingwater), trying out various shutter speeds and exposures for moving white water, and now we think we're sufficiently prepared for a shooting trip next month to the granddaddy of them all. We'll be taking our 8x10, with 5x7 back, with both sets of holders loaded with HP5+ (which has the fastest EI I know of). Our one lens is the Nikkor 300mm/f9 which has very little excess image circle at 8x10. Problem is, it's been years since we were at Niagara, and even then without a LF camera, and we won't have enough time to explore all possible positions for the tripod. All suggestions--choice of film, shutter speed, exposure,as well as shooting location--will be gratefully appreciated. Nick.

-- Nick Jones (, July 28, 2001


Go and find your own location rather than relying on others and what has been done before. Use your hard won experience on site to make your decisions then. If you are going to explore some possibilities, walk around looking for some time before getting out the camera. As for exposure info, your experience should let you know what it is. After all, you have been practicing near Pittsburgh and the experience you gained should help a lot more than any suggestions you get over the internet.

-- Dan Smith (, July 28, 2001.

Dan, great answer!!! Pat

-- pat krentz (, July 28, 2001.

Hi Nick,

For a straight-on, unobstructed view of Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Side), you might try shooting from the sidewalk that runs along the Rainbow Bridge... Remember that you'll be facing (somewhat) the morning sun when shooting the Horseshoe Falls - so take that into consideration when thinking about the kind of "effect" you are looking to achieve. As for shutter speeds, I've always liked 1/10 sec. for fast running water, but since you've been testing I'm sure you have an idea where you want to go with that.

And when you're done shooting, try the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, which is located inside the casino. GREAT food and atmosphere!!

Have fun and good luck - Mark

-- Mark Minard (, July 29, 2001.

Don't forget to shoot at night (with color) for the lights on the falls. They bathe the falls with different colors that change so sit and watch and you'll find the color combinations where you want them. Any time you want the "cotton candy" flowing water, stop down ALOT so your shutter speeds are around 1-5 sec.

-- Scott Walton (, July 30, 2001.

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