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What can an organisation expect during an assessment meeting following an application? Should the organisation arrange any specific information be available? Does the assessment only relate to the application or is it more wide ranging to include all the activities the organisation is undertaking/wishes to undertake?

-- Jennifer Third (, July 28, 2001


In answer to the question, I would say that an Assessor would want to get an overview of the organisation and ask questions around how/why the organisation was established, what services does it deliver and to what population. The interview would then major on the application in terms of what the purpose of the application is, the evidence of need for the service/post and where this fits into the overall work of the organisation.

-- Karen Toughill (, August 21, 2001.

The interview will relate in the main to the application and provided everything that should have been sent is with the application, e.g. accounts, jobdescription etc, there shouldn't be any need for any thing else.

-- Karen Toughill (, August 21, 2001.

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