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I am heading off to Berlin for two weeks and may want to buy a new Schneider lens. Does anyone know a good store for large format equipment in Berlin?

-- David Kaufman (, July 28, 2001


I think Lotus View is somewhere around there, but I am not sure, check their web site. Sorry I dont have the URL but you can do a search, is how I found them. Good luck and good trip!

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (, July 28, 2001.

i just come back from berlin, there's not a lot of stuff to buy there the only good shop for large format lens (new) is wustefeld hat's, grolmanstraße 36, berlin tel 030 881 96 96 email : berlin is a fantastic place !

-- dg (, July 28, 2001.


After travelling the world for a while and looking at camera stores, my conclusion is: who needs the hassle?!?!. The best prices are often at the big NYC stores, no hassle with warrantees and no questions about quality, grey market etc etc. This aplies to digital cameras, 35mm and LF. Besides, they speak English and one does not have to deal with the cultural stuff about selling things to "tourists".

Many warrantees are valid only in the country of original purchase and then only from Authorized dealers. I live in Toronto and purchase my stuff there at prices as good as or lower than just about any other place.

One may or may not save a few bucks, but I know that I have come to regret most large purchases on new equiment overseas, the worst was with a Leica M6 from Hong Kong. I sometimes buy used stuff, but then I take my chances.

I bought a Seagull TLR in Shanghai and found it had a light leak, which I had to fix myself. Now it works very well and is an excellent camera with a lens the equal of any on a 6x6, at least on prints up to 20 x 20. The camera cost me less than $200 Canadian (130 US) so it was not a great risk.

Carefully yours


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, July 28, 2001.

To Richard - Purchased from Europe my 110XL cost me ~$1000US and my 150XL cost me ~$1300US vs $2200 and $2800 respctively for U.S. prices - glad to hear that such savings are unimportant to you (wish I could say the same). To David - Contact this person: His english is excellent, and if he can't help you he can direct you to someone who can.


-- Wayne DeWitt (, July 29, 2001.

Thank you all for your replies.

-- David Kaufman (, July 29, 2001.

Badger Graphic in WI sells the 110XL for $1195.00. Have no idea how they can sell it so much cheaper than B&H. One word of caution. I tried to by some stereo equipment in Germany a few years ago and discovered that most stores do no accept credit cards, even for fairly expensive items. You might want to bring along travelers checks for your expected purchases.

-- Michael Feldman (, August 05, 2001.

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