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I am researching the use of corporate intranets in support of cultural change for a magazine article.

If you have an example of how an organisation creatively has used an internal website to promote change in attitude or behaviour, I would appreciate a few lines by email describing: 1. What was done with the web 2. Who were the audience 3. What changes were being sought 4. Any measures of effectiveness in changing behaviours / attitude

A particular interest is whether and to what extent the web could be used to overcome a problem common to many change programmes - having to rely on managers to be agents of change. If the managers are not committed, misunderstand, lack skills or don't have time then the messages and models needed for the change don't get through to their reports so clearly.

For this research I am not interested in standard e-learning packages or email messages that are simply to be read.

Please also let me know if I may contact you if I want further information and whether you (as a contributor) would like a copy of the article when it emerges.

I am based in London and have a UK magazine in mind.

Paul tel. 020 8385 2900

-- Paul Burns (, July 27, 2001

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