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I wish to retain my 240mm on it's present Linhof lensboard, but would also like to be able to mount it on a wooden lensboard for use on another camera. Can anyone provide me with information on "convertible" hardware that will allow me to attach my Linhof board to a wooden board?


-- Ken Sinclair (, July 27, 2001



A general answer to your question is that there are a variety of 'adapter' lensboards available. If you mean the large size linhof board for the 45 kardan, etc. then you may be out of luck since this is already one of the largest lensboards made. If, on ther other hand, you rae talking about a linhof/wista nesboard then there are lots of options. You are probably better off buying the adaptor board than trying to build something yourself as they are relatiely inexpensive for SOME cameras.

For example, I have an adaptor board from Tachihara that allows the mounting of any linhof/wista sized board on any camera that accepts standard sinar/horseman sized boards. I know that MidWest recently got these back in stock and I believe they are around $60-70. Of course, if you want you can get the same thing from Linhof or sinar and paythree times as much!

-- Ted Harris (, July 27, 2001.

Thanks Ted, I have the Bi-Kardan (with the large lensboard supporting the smaller size), and, since these are heavy beasts, and now wanting to "go back" to 8x10 finding that the 8x10 rear standards almost impossible to find. My only alternative is to purchase a older "woodie" and modify the lensboard to accept the smaller Linhof board rather than always having to "remount the lens" when changing formats.....Of course, investing in a new set of lenses is the more expensive option 8-(


-- Ken Sinclair (, July 27, 2001.

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