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I think that it is such a shame that such a wonderful actor has to have a website this crappy. I mean, come on it is pathetic. The message board is totally out of date. Not to mention the amount of immature posts. Maybe whenever Casey gets famous enough, he can have a much better website, as well as better fans that aren't only just interested in his looks, his relationships, and about his brother. I think that it is a shame that Casey has to take the back burner because of his famous brother, because people title him as a 'wanna-be'. Ben Affleck has made maybe one or two good movies in his whole career. Pathetic. Casey, however, has shined in all of his, even if he was the only thing shining in them.

-- Sarah (, July 27, 2001


i totally agree with you sarah. but i was surfing the net and i saw I don't think its up yet, but maybe it'll be better.

-- sonia (, August 03, 2001.

This site is barren and needs to be updated, but I love tht

-- dramaqueenie (, August 03, 2001.

You are all correct. This site hasn't been updated in SOOOOOOO long! I apologize for being so lazy. The fact is this isn't Casey's official site. I am just a fan who snagged the domain name because it was available and did the best I could with it at the time. I keep meaning to update it, but I'M LAZY!!! If people want to email me pictures, stories, whatever! I will post them. I have a bunch of photos and articles to scan and post, but I haven't gotten around to it.

If Casey wants his domain name, I'd sell it to him for a dollar.

I do feel bad that maybe he visits this site from time to time (or used to) and that maybe his self esteem suffers a little because it hasn't been updated in so long. Casey, you ROCK man! It's not because YOU suck. It's because *I* suck! Someone else could do SO much better with this domain. But I won't give it to anyone but Casey, so don't ask.

Anyway, I do a really funny imitation of Casey. At least my wife thinks it's funny. I think it sounds more like that guy Steve on Sex and the City. (You know Steve --the guy who has testicle cancer.) There is a certain Casey-esque quality to him...

But I digress...

So what would anyone like to see on this site? If I get requests for stuff, I'll post it. I'm not going to do a whole site redesign, because I'm not and don't have any time. I'm only posting all this stuff right now because I'm waiting for a large print job. Okay, actually, I'm cooking up a batch of crystal meth in my woods trailer, and I have to wait for the liquid ammonia to be *just* the right temperature before I add it to the mix. (Sensitive stuff, that crank!)

Well, anyway, I am a true Casey fan, and so is my wife. I'm just a crappy webmaster.

Later, E

-- E (, August 13, 2001.

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