R6 meter calibration

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My R6 is sudenly 1 stop out (i set my iso to 50 instead of 100) How can i get it back on track? Is this common?

-- Tim (timphoto@ihug.com.au), July 27, 2001



How do you know that it is 1 stop out?, could you provide us with more details. Anyway, the ASA/ISO dial can be used just for this sort of "corrections". In my R6.2 I prefer to exposure Velvia +1/3 so I set de ASA/ISO dial 1/3 below ISO 50. John Saw (Close up photography, and also others of his books) provides detailed information about "calibration". All you have to do is to select your medium tone (the most convenient for your type of photography: grass, cement,...)and then shoot a series of slides of this medium tone subject starting at your camera reading and them going up and down to 2 1/2 in 1/2 stop increment. Them chose the best for your taste and modify the ISO dial in relation to this. For example, if you are happy with the slide that was 1 stop over-exposured them set the ISO dial 1 stop less than the film you are using. You also can do this using the bracketing dial, but I prefer to reserve this dial for other purposes, for example when you are taking portraits and you measure the light on the skin. If the skin is 1 stop lighter than your common medium tone then set the bracketing dial +1 stop. Of course you can also do this using the aperture ring on the lens in your manual camera, but in some cases the use of the bracket dial is more convenient. You could be in trouble if your meter is not consistently 1 stop out through all speed range of your camera.

I hope I haven't prostituted John Saw's advice.

-- Javier (j_perezbarberia@hotmail.com), July 27, 2001.

>>> I hope I haven't prostituted John Saw's advice. <<<

Not sure about his advice but his name is John Shaw.

-- Douglas Herr (telyt@earthlink.net), July 27, 2001.

This is a bit off topic but when I had Don Goldberg CLA my SL/2 it came back with the meter reading about 1/3rd stop different than my SL and other cameras. When I questioned him about it he said that he adjusted the meter to coincide with the shutter. I've been worried about it ever since but the exposures are identical with the SL using Kodachrome 25.

As for the original question, is there any possiblity that the wrong battery might have been used? I once accidently put a 1.5v battery in an MR-2 meter and everything was underexposed.

-- Bud (budcook@attglobal.net), July 27, 2001.


Requiem for Kodachrome 25 and Agfa 50 print film.

-- martin plotnik (mplotnik@optonline.net), August 31, 2001.

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