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I have several Karaoke CD+G disks that will not play on my stand alone player or my PC (i tried Power DVD, Windows Media Player Ver-7, and a few others, but will not play the video and lyrics (some play only the audio part).

I want to play them on my DVD-SVCD-VCD-MP3 stand alone player.

So, how do i convert the .cda files (on the CD+G disks) to (s)VCD format that my home player will play, with video (with lyrics) and audio???

P.S. Some other karaoke disks i have that DO WORK on my stand alone player are standard VCD disks, and they have several file folders (one is mpegav). The disks I'm having trouble have no file folders and only .cda files. Someone told me these are CD+G disks (but I am not sure).

Any help and I would be greatful: Thanks!

-- Nick Millain (, July 26, 2001


I don't think you can convert CD+G to VCD. However, there is software on the Internet that can enable some CD-ROM drives to play CD+G discs. I don't remember where it is, but it's from Japan. It doesn't work on my burner or DVD-ROM drive :-( Most drives don't support the format, but if you have one that does, this will work for you. I suggest you do a web search for CD+G and see what you find.

-- Jason (, July 27, 2001.

You can get the software from the program is cdgdb100.exe, also there is a program that you can get called scrdg11.exe this is from a Japanese web site I don't remember the web site name.

-- George (, August 01, 2001.

Before you get too fired up about a software solution you need to check your cd players ability to correctly read subcode information. If it won't, those CD+G disks will never play on your system. They give some pretty good explanations on why that is at the second URL below. There is a fairly comprehensive listing of compatible CD players at

If your drive will support it, there are some good utilities available at Nothing I've run across yet will "rip" a CD+G directly to VCD.

-- R. Heard (, December 02, 2001.

I seem to recall that a CD-ROM drive designed for the side-slot of an Amiga 500 had built in capabilities to play CD+G discs. It would be quite difficult to get hold of one these days.

Other than that, there are a few stand alone players which combine VCD and CD+G capabilities and even some (god knows why) which play only Audio CDs and CD+G discs.

As far as converting them, I do not know what the point would be as all the G in the CD+G is still images at a resolution of about 320x240 using only 16 colours.

Have fun

-- Andrew (, December 04, 2001.


there is a way... you need 4 things:

1. tyrannosoft cdg-pro2 2. cdg2avi for ripping CDG-files to video 3. MPEG-encoder (i don't know where to finde it, but anywhere at internet there is one) 4. burningsoftware which burns VCD.

1st convert the cd-g (if your cd-r can) to MP3+G with tyrannosoft's cdg-pro2. then open cdg2avi and select the cd-g-file, and chose the mpeg1-codec. now open TMPEGenc to combine video and audio...

that's all, your's jo

ps: if you have made your own karaoke-track (maybe with DART karaoke- author - then doo it at the same way)

-- Herrjo (, June 16, 2002.

if your dvd player has optical out, you can save ALOT of time and effort by simply connecting a graphics decoder to your system around NZ&160.00

-- Rob Juanico (, June 26, 2002.

it is very easy to convert a cdrom to vcd player all that you need is a mpeg decoder card which is readily available in the market you also need to rig up a dual power supply of 5v and 12v with at least 1.5amp load capable .you should take the digital output available from the back of of the cd rom drive.and connect to decoder card.and there you are ready to enjoy all your vcd movies i have thus coverted a creative drive into vcd player cum cd player and with and external amplifier for sound it is working fine.

-- aazam (, January 04, 2003.

Yes you can convert any cd+g or even a Laser Disc into a VCD. I did this myself and this is how I did it: But you need to have the following: 1) a capture card installed in your PC (like ATI all in wonder, TV wonder,etc...), 2) VIRTUALDUB (a program to transform your captured a/v into an AVI files, 3)MPEG Encoder (like TMPGENC, etc.. to transform your AVI to MPEG, 4) CD writer ( to burn your VCD files) Here's the exact procedures: 1) Play your CD+G disc Karaoke, 2) open your Capture Program, Capture the Video playing in your Desktop, then save in your HD; 3) convert the captured video into AVI using VIRTUALDUB; 4)covert your AVI files into a VCD using TMPGENC or any of your MPEG Encoder, 5) Burn your VCD files into a CD using your CD- Writer. NOTE: You MUST capture 1 track one by one only or else it will play continues like a VCD movie. Capture each karaoke track 1 then the next & so fort...

-- Dante Magpantay (, June 16, 2003.

try CDG2VCD, only it's shareware. it's available at

-- jefrox (, October 01, 2003.

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