What of the Book 'Empire' by Hardt and Negri?

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You may want to visit http://1944.org/empire.htm to follow some ideas on agendas to meet the trend toward globalization.

-- john gelles (john@1944.org), July 26, 2001


Admitting I'm a first-time lusenet who has not read the book that comes with the system I'm going to try to put the file empire.htm on an active link. Here goes:

-- john gelles (
john@1944.org), July 26, 2001.

Sorry, I tried to add an ordinary http link and failed

-- john gelles (john@1944.org), July 26, 2001.

The agendas for change I support and would like to see presented and discussed on this board are consistent with FDR's bill of economic rights (view it at www.1944.org/economic-rights.htm ) as well as with our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Lincoln's prayer for government of the people, by the people and for the people. I do not think Hardt and Negri have emphasized these sources of wisdom. They may wish for reforms that do not sufficiently protect the individual from the potential tyranny of political parties, overly hierarchical government, and private wealth as the ultimate source of freedom once a functioning political democracy is entrenched. On the other hand, I hear tell they do strongly support constitutional rights and forms -- so perhaps I do them an injustice. I understand the book will soon be out in paperback -- and I may read it when that happens. For now I know of the book second hand from others. A single sentence put down of the authors is very weak compared to a lengthy book that has received enviable professional criticism.

-- John Gelles (john@1944.org), September 01, 2001.

In all phylogeny there is no precedent for the ontogony of a moron - not the pea-brained dinosaur nor cretinous Marxists like Hardt and Negri.

-- G. Richard Dickens (rgc@netnitco.net), August 31, 2001.

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