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I have been served with 2 default notices from Egg & Apple. Stating that accounts are to be terminated unless arrears are paid by the end of this month. As I'm not working, this is not achievable. I have written to both parties stating my position.

I have put my property up for sale & when sold, will be able to catch up on payments. I have been advised to apply to the court if I can't pay the amounts owed, thus giving me more time.

Is this a difficult process & will it benefit me.

Any advice appreciate

-- L (, July 26, 2001


This seems to concern unsecured lending and is strictly not for this site,however if you have defaulted they have every right to terminate the accounts,as you are no longer working they would be iresponsible to extend your credit.Work out a low repayment with them offer 5 p.m. and stand back and listen to them squawk!

-- roger watts (, August 01, 2001.

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