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S! and welcome. This thread contains general information and group training information. The latest replies will always at the bottom.

-- RNZAF_Zinger (rnzaf@mail.com), July 26, 2001


S! Gentlemen

Training Sunday night will follow same procedure every week. We will meet in the Guadalcanal room on RW and in a Chat room before splitting up into training. Sqn Ldrs please let me and RNZAF_Zinger know before Thursday (NZ Time) what you intend to do on Sunday... i.e. Wingman, WEC, Flight Training etc. Also, who will be conducting the training.

S! RNZAF_BaronKaos

-- RNZAF_BaronKaos (gcd@inspire.net.nz), September 19, 2001.

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