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Somebody ought to say something about: National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice (a black woman who speaks fluent Russian), who is in Russia negotiating the United State's position on the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty; Secretary of State Colin Powell (a black man, who fought in Viet Nam), and is currently in Hanoi (Viet Nam) and on his way to China. What a pair of role models! Both of these two report directly to President Bush and they are traveling alone with their staff making decisions that will forever influence the future of this great nation of hours. Make me want to "holler", "Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow." I am just overjoyed to see black men and women appointed to high level positions doing a job because they are qualified and not because they are black and/or female.

They are examples of what hard work and dedication to duty can do for one's career. Both of these persons suffered racism but chose to make lemonade out of the lemons tossed their way. That is why I say we ought to concetrate on moving forward rather than blaming racism for a lack of accomplishments.

Somebody ought to say something.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001


Rev. Paris:

Good point about the stealth media coverage on Rice's role in negotiating the new ABM Treaty. We used to work in the Pentagon during the mid-late 80s as visiting fellows. She was in the JCS & I was assigned to OSD. She is a first rate scholar on foreign affairs and Eastern European topics [Balkans in particular]. Secretary Powell is simply the George Marshall of his day [both former generals I might add]. What can I say about C. Rice? As we say with affectionate appellation and pride in the 'hood - "You GO Girl!!!" QED

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

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