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Just got my ‘new' 4x5 enlarger, an old Beseler MCRX. I've got a few questions with it, it seems to be very similar to the MXII/MXT hopefully someone can offer some advice. First question is regarding the use of the Kodak Polymax filters (mine are 6" square). They don't quite reach to the far edge of the filter drawer by about ½ inch and being square they can only be fit by resting on the top at the back edge. They also sag a bit. I can trim to shape but will the gap and slight sag be problematic? Since they are only passing raw light at this stage I would think not, but can't hurt to ask.

Second, I guess the outlet labeled ‘switch' is for a timer to turn on/off the lamp? I was not planning on using timer, at least for the time being but as is the lamp won't turn on. Is this to just short the contacts together? I was thinking to use a simple on/off switch for now.

Third, and finally, there is a little drawer right above the lens board. It slides in and out in front of the lens board. With the lens board and lens installed it can't be pushed in. Right now there is a little red filter in there. Is my lens board (flat) the wrong type or could I use filters here with a different lens board?

Thanks a lot in advance for any answers!

-- Andy (akkup@mindspring.com), July 26, 2001

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