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Hello Casey!Ive loved every movie i've seen you in!But just wondering what was your favorite movie of them all?Also which movie was the most enjoyable to create?

-- Lea Rasmussen (, July 25, 2001


I think Casey's favorite movie is Plan 9 From Outer Space. Nobody really knows he was in it, but he actually replaced Bela Lugosi on the production. Yep, I know. It's hard to believe. But you can see at one point that the alien monster is suddenly about a foot shorter and keeps his face covered. They dubbed in some of his dialog, too! Yep. It's true. You can hear that in one scene, the alien guy says "I am aware of the situation." but that's dubbed in. If you watch it frame-by-frame, and read his lips, you can tell that he's actually saying "I swall'd uh bug!"

Hard to believe, I know, but check it out for yourself!

Kind regards, E

-- E (, August 13, 2001.

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