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I have to share this story. Last friday a friend of mine called me to tell me he was back from visiting his family in the south. He is a high school teacher and one of my very first friends I met him when we moved here. He is white and when we moved here not many people were use to african-americans. It was lonely for a while. But my friend David was always our friend, even when we received threats from the KKK.(we been here 9 years and now everyone knows us and my daughter and I really feel loved in our town)anyway my friend David who is 43 said he had a prayer request. I prayed with him on the phone, and then he said "thanks that was my first prayer request" I had assumed all those years he belonged to a church and knew God. I have asked God to forgive me for not knowing the spiritual relationships of my friends. Anyway, I invited him to church and when he found out we are going to be A.M.E he screamed with joy! He is from Atlanta and knows about the A.M.E church, he attended the A.M.E church as a child.For him things have come full circle! And he is coming to annual conference and will he heading our drama ministry at our local mission project, which is a long term care facility. If I had not invited him to church he would be struggling spiritually alone. Now he and his prayer partner are on the phone everyday (in my church everyone gets a new prayer partner every week) and he adds so much to our congregation. Some of his students attend our church also. I made a mistake by not asking my friend if he had a relationship with Christ. I have learned a powerful lesson! As I continue evangelism I must begin with those closest to me. Have you had similar incidents, or is there a family member or friend that could use an invitation to Christ. Thanks for reading this post, for I felt pretty bad that I had not inquired earlier about my friends spiritual health. As I look back it was my best friend who was 16 who asked if I knew Jesus and brought me to Christ. Joy in Christ, and don't forget about your friends!

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001


Amen and Amen!

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

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