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Help me anyone ... I have a dvd/vcd stand alone player bought in Asia. Its a Pioneer and I also bought a vcd movie over there in Asia. Now the vcd movie played in my dvd/vcd player well; I wanted to know how to make them ... so I put the vcd movie in my comp. This is what I found from the vcd movie I bought: 1) 7 folders: CDDA, CDI, KARAOKE, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, VCD, WIN 2) I also found a small "autorun" wordpad

Then I created my own vcd; well guess what it didn't play on my dvd/vcd player. I checked out if I had all the files, this is what I had: 1) 5 folders; CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, VCD 2) Thats 2 less folders than the one that played on my dvd/vcd player 3) I'm missin' karaoke, cdda, win... 4) I didn't create an autorun ... I also noticed that both vcds; the one I bought and made are both cd-r If you can help me ... pls do... I think I'm using the wrong burning prog... or what? I use nero... email me if you can help ... thanks to all !

-- Marcus Jones (, July 25, 2001


ezcd ver4 or nti cd maker pro will write vcd's. I am not familiar with nero. You must specify that you wish to create a video cd when you launch the writing program. The program will convert your mpeg1 type video file into a dat file and place all required files on your burned cd. You will need at least a 600 mz processor--the more the merrier and do not write at any more than 1x. I have numerous "coasters" where I have tried to write it faster. If you do not have a capture device you may want to check out for the g450etv graphics card which will allow you hardware capture in mpg format, 32mb graphics, and a tv out. The advantage of mpg capture over avi or any other format is that you do not after capture convert it to mpg.

-- ron (, July 25, 2001.

I have had pretty good luck using DVD2mpg 1.16 Squeezer. Although it generally takes about 15 hours to convert a played DVD 1hr movie to a Video and an Audio Mux stream. After you use Xing encoder which multiplexes the two streams back together into a finished product you generally have a pretty decent looking Mpeg which you can run in Windows Media Player. The trick is however, to use a Bit rate tool to measure the movie length and adjusting the Bit rate of the capture so that your Mpeg file fits on a 650Mb CDR. Then of course, Use a "All In Wonder TV" card to capture, in realtime to MPG1, set your Bit rate so that it fits the Media, and forget about making the VCD. You can burn the MPeg with anything you like. Then just open the MPEG from the CD in Windows Media Player. Like the other guy said you can end up with a lot of coasters. For example, your capture bit rate was too high and you end up with a finished MPEG of 702MB(won't fit on a 700MbCDR). Or your Capture Bit rate is too low and the final cut is too grainy. One thing is for sure you gotta do the Math before you start your project.

-- (, September 20, 2001.

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