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Hello everybody,

Iím the owner of a Durst enlarger Pictochrom plus with an Operating panel and Measuring probe. I bought it today for about 520 USA dollars, I couldnít leave it. But the problem now for the moment is, how does it work and is it complete? Yes I know there is a built in user guidance but if I push the button help, it doesnít do a thing. So my two questions are: - Does anybody got an instruction book on this enlarger somewhere and can I have a copy of it please; - And what are the basic things, which are coming with the enlarger.

Thank you for helping me out.

regards, jeroen

Email: jdaan@wanadoo.nl

-- jeroen daan (jdaan@wanadoo.nl), July 24, 2001


www.manualsrus.com has camera manuals and may have other photo manuals. At least give it a try. Otherwise, go by to Durst which I believe is a Jobo company. Good luck.

-- J. Wolfe (bigbad810@hotmail.com), July 25, 2001.

I have a used Durst enlarger and was able to a manual from Tech service at Jobo. Their phone number is 1-800-525-2821. They only charge me $5 to cover the cost of photo copies and postage. Good luck.

-- Michael Reidy (mreidy@transformitdesign.com), July 25, 2001.

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