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Why? When a pastor misuse church funds, has an affair,does not follow the discipline he is promoted to a higher church to do the same thing on a bigger level? Why do we as lay allow this type of behavior to continue, these men and women are responsible for the flock, but they are leading church members into the wrong direction, what can we do to put a stop to this?

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001


Sister Watkins:

I feel your pain. It is a problem in our church. What has to happen is that promotions have to be based on something more than a pastor being in too much trouble to stay at that charge. AS lay we must demand that the episcopal bench take a good look at the way churches are assigned. The AME church is the only place that misconduct is the fastest way to advance your career. As an attormey I will say this the Church is opening itself to the possibility of litigation due to this type of behavior. But moreover we loose our ability as a church to be a light unto the world when our clergy are no more than common criminals and social misfits. God Bless and srat strong.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Greetings in His Name

It is all a vicious circle. There are procedures of addressing a problem. Many people are in "service of the Lord" for the wrong reasons. Lay and clergy alike aspire to certain positions and in their course of getting theere they try not to rock the boat. People refrain from addressing the evils that they are aware of for fear of not being able to get that positions they have on their own agendas. Most people know they will be victimized if they speak out.

It is of no use saying things in the air, talking about minister stealing and misusing funds if you do not have the facts, and is not prpared to state your case and stand up for what you believe.

Use the channels available to address the issues you are aware of, knowing that drastic circumstances may call for drastic measures. Stand by and have the courage of your convictions



-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Greetings Sister Linda,

Pastoral Misconduct is a very deep subject. The African-American community is still in shock over the Jessie Jackson Saga. It's true, somtimes the men and women of God fall. The life of a minister is filled with stress. Some can handle it and some can't.At some point and time, they cross the line. They get involved in affairs, some abuse drugs and some misappropriate church funds. It's not pretty. So many people are left to suffer. I believe that we should address the issues of pastoral misconduct. We have to stop sweeping things under the rug. So many churches have fallen because we look the other way. On the other hand, we must correct our fallen sister and brothers in love. We have to be careful not to adopt the "lynch Mob mentality" When a pastor is in trouble -- get help. We have to stop the madness. We need the continued support and prayers of the laity. God Bless Rev Victoria Davis

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Well, certainly it looks as if we heading towards the right direction. I am a pastor and I have seen many of such evils that you have sited. And even when you are sitting with enough evidence, the senior pastors would use the now familiar phrase in the rank and file of the AME, "if it was for the law I wouldn't have been here, but it is by the grace of God" for the bible says my grace alone is more than sufficient for you. However, I am still convienced that these unwanted practices that are carried out in the church will come to an end one's the Pastors in questions acknowledge that they have sin and inform the church as such and be helped, really helped, through councelling etc. and if the Lay members can come out with out fear of victimization, "remember Daniel and his three friends" and report these incidences at their quarterly conferences, or even address the issues head on through the local church official Board meeting. God bless!

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

Pastoral misconduct should be addressed and corrected. Our system is available to all and it will work. You need the evidence and the courage to place the charges in accordance with our discipline and follow through to allow the system to work. It is my experience that in most cases, no one is willing to press the issues to its just conclusion. Blessings

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

What recourse is there? When the discipline is only followed when it is benifical. Seems that misconduct is the norm and not the exception.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

If you are making the allegation you must follow the prescribed procedure first. You can't say that the discipline is not followed until you make the charge according to the discipline. Otherwise, you have no complaints.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

Dear Sister Watkins I know exactly of which you speak. As a layman of the Church I have watched this very behaviour from a Pastor recently. I also noticed that while many had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, the Laity remained silent refusing to hurt a hair on God's Annointed. It is my opinion that there needs to be a facility to help Pastors as we need sometimes as laity of the Church. It disturbs me to see these Pastors promoted and moved to destroy the spirit of folk in other Churches. This is not an easy subject with no easy answers. I pray we will become more vigilant stewards of the houses of God we worship and keep pushing first the will of God. I will keep you in prayer my Sister. God Bless You

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2001

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