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Fascinated by this device, I picked one up on Ebay. I think I've got it figured out but there is one issue on which I'd like experienced advice. During the "pull the slide out" phase of operation, friction tends to draw the whole canister out to the right a bit. I could hold the canister in with my thumb while pulling the slide, but I wondered if this is normal since this problem wouldn't contribute to rapid shooting which the device was made for. I do notice on the top of the canister just inside the shell a small (1/8th inch) hole with nothing in it. Was there supposed to be a pin which locked it in place, tied to the operation of the slide release latch? Thanks for any advice.

-- Kevin Crisp (, July 24, 2001


You are correct. There should be a pin coming out of the hole which moves up and down via the slide release latch. The top of the pin is cut at a 45 deg angle so that it will push into the shell without having to hold the latch down. The pin keeps the canister from moving when pulling the slide out. This is on a 1268 model. Sounds like you may have been Ebayed.

-- Chuck Pere (, July 25, 2001.

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