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Dave give me a call. My Subway will be opening in another 3 weeks. I ask Sean to forward the message, not sure if he did. I'm sure you'll be woking during that time, but I would like too invite you to my Grand Opening.

I'm no longer at Thomas More. As a matter of fact I need to update you on that transition. It is funny, you were right about how certain situations turn out.

Other than that, everything is going O.K. here, just waiting on getting the store up and running. Everyone feels it will be a great success, because the location is so good. They put my sign up Saturday, while I was at the Jazz Festivile. I saw it around 2:00am when Yolanda and I were going home, I almost wrecked, I was so excited.

Well, got to go. Give me call or e-mail. I need your numbers again.


-- Victor Gray (, July 24, 2001


Sorry - this is a personal site and I don't have access to the players email or contact addresses. You should try contacting any of the players through official Yankees channels.

Details at

-- Marjorie (, July 29, 2001.

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