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We were talking about favorite colors at work the other evening, and my co-workers thought I was nuts because I said that I didn't have a single specific favorite color; although I have favorite colors for specific things. They finally got me to admit that if everything I owned HAD to be one color, and one color only; it would probably be yellow. (Or, maybe green!) I can't imagine driving a yellow car, or having a green kitty cat, however!!

Do you feel that colors affect you in certain ways? A lot of studies have been done on this, which is why prisons and hospitals have certain colors of paint (though I personally think waking up from anesthesia and having to look at virulent pink walls is a form of abuse!)

For clothing, I prefer earth colors - soft greens and yellows, tans, brown and rust shades. I do wear some blues and pinks. I don't like the color black, but I wear it along with other colors like maroon or tan when I have to talk to "power people". If I need energy, I wear a red, orange or bright pink shirt; if I'm going to be in a stressful situation, I tend toward grey or green.

I lean toward neutral colors in my home, but my furniture that has color is mostly blue (I didn't pick most of it out). I like the colors of wood, but I'm getting to the age that I prefer a cushion over it if I have to be seated for any length of time!! My bedroom is blue and yellow - I would like more yellow in there, but since I sleep during the day, I let the sunshine through my windows be my yellow.

For flowers, I prefer the pink shades; pink, rose, blush, and on down the scale to maroon; though I will admit a fondness for yellow iris and roses, and bright orange tiger lillies and day lillies!

So, how about you? Do you have a single favorite color? Do you feel as though the colors around you affect your mood? If people came in different colors other than the shades of tan to black that we do; what color would you choose to be?!

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001


Blue, cobalt blue specifically, and turquoise/teal.I would love to be blue. Cool. Most of my house(s) interiors are/were cobalt blue,sky blue, or turquoise,with lots of wood.

Hate red.Makes me see red.Always has.Definitely affects me. Not thrilled abt pink either,so I agree with you there.

I usually wear black, blue, turquoise, gold, purple, forest green. Not all at once! That would be a sight!

Lilac,pink,blues,purples,mostly pastels in flowers.Except for magenta.Love that too. Love alot of the herb foliage, with that soft blue look.Oh boy,just talking about these flowers makes me smile!

Colors affect my mood.Your french provincial bedroom would make me feel sunny! I need lots of light,too.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Blue would be my most favorite color.....the color of clear blue sky to be exact. Then green and all the shades in between the two. I also am partial to the lavenders and purples. HAVE to HAVE sunshine.......I am a true SAD person who can only tolerate winter if I have a lot of sunshine or grow lights.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Growing up my favorite color was black. At least since I was 8 yrs. old. In recent years dark green has also become a favorite. I think the less I see green in nature the more I use it in my home and clothing.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001! Yellowoooooooo....(fading into the distance)

*ahem* Now that I've gotten THAT out of my system (sorry, I was having a Monty Python Moment):

Black. Almost all my clothes are black. Okay, some of it is fuschia,purple,lilac, turquoise and such, but it's all pretty much those colours. I have bought some other clothes in other colours so I don't scare people as much when I have to go somewhere.

Having red hair and pretty pale skin, I wear red and orange pretty poorly. That's okay, I didn't really want to anyhow. Yellow is okay on me, so are some of the peachy tones, and greens.

I try to stay away from light colours and white because what with the critters and gardening, it's going to have a big old nasty spot on it in short order that just isn't going to come out no matter HOW I spot treat it.

The bedsheets are green tho, for energy. Boy do I need it. The house is stained dark grey colours outside (to hide the spiderwebs :-D!! ) It also blends into the landscape better that way against the pine trunks, and when I reroofed, I picked a weathered oak colour. It looks great with all the purple/fuschia toned impatiens I plant in barrels around it. If you squint, it looks a *little* like the Addams Family house...

The last two cars have been red, but that was because on one I had a choice of blue or red off the lot, and the other one was the right price, colour be hanged. Actually, I don't mind it, but I also wouldn't mind driving around in a purple Prowler...I like black cars, but they are sooooo hard to keep clean, red is hard enough.

Flowers tho...okay I mentioned all the cool shade impatiens growing in the front under the huge pine trees. I also plant chartreuse licorice vine with them to spark it up, and throw in some white, magenta, and deep blue lobelia for good measure, altho a volunteer chamomile coming up in the tub looks really nice too.

I just planted a whole bunch of clear orange double-flower daylilies I got from Joy next to someof the old originals of my Grandma's, and I'm getting ready to plant a swath of yellow ones out to the back. I'm going to put them transitionally located with pale lavender hostas under the old Box elder (saw this combo at a restaurant, looked good! They also had some pale pink ones interspersed), back it up with some dark blue monkshood, and going to drift out to the sunny area with some terra-cotta shades of yarrow (also saw that in a magazine and it looked stunning).

Most my roses are pink shades, Rugosas and rugosa hybrids for hardiness and old fashioned smell, and got pink Malvas growing by the sun room, along with a pink Marshall's Delight monarada (Joy also gave to me). I'm looking into raspberry or cranberry or purple daylilies to plant alongside those. It also looks really nice with a little 'footing' of chamomile, altho I also have some repeat cosmos and corn poppies coming up there this year.

I'm not as a rule big on orange or red flowers (altho I like 'red' marigolds, and planted orange cosmos this year. Go figure), but I like orange tigerlilies!! I also planted some blue-toned red geramiums in a sunny area this year. I guess if it's got a purple undertone to it, or goes well with purple, I'll like it. Strangely enough, I planted black irises one time and really didn't like them. I MIGHT try black hollyhocks, especially if I can get some seed from some lovely antique cerise ones growing alongside the vets house to go with them. (I've also heard black hollyhocks are medicinal...)

I'm also not big on most white flowers -- it makes a good contrast, but the reason for that has entirely to do with the way that they yellow and brown when they're fading. Looks bad. The other colours hide it more.

If we could design what colours we wanted to come in, I'd probably choose something along the lines of lavender with darker shadings (can I add a pearly overtone?). Dark purple hair. Violet eyes. Whoo hoo -- sign me up for Star Trek!!! (just keep Kirk away from me) I MIGHT be persuaded to go with green if it would mean that we had chlorophyll in the skin and could just grow our own nourishment that way...

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001


I love colors! As well as the green, I like all the shades between green and blue pretty darn well too. I don't hate any colors, though when dusty pink and/or mauve were VERY popular, I was heartily SICK of them. Remember "What Season are You?" -- I'm a Spring, so I look best in clear, warm colors, and that's what I wear, and tend to like to have around me. Actually, my interior colors are rather neutral. I actually do like black, but it's too dark for me, unless I wear one of my "good" colors up near my face.

Oh, if you are wondering what the other "Seasons" wear:
Autumn -- muted warm colors
Winter -- clear cool colors
Summer -- muted cool colors (like the dusty rose and mauve)

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

In my home, the basic color scheme is either a periwinkle blue or a light rose (or a combo of the two). Also we like most combinations of the "earth" tones. As for clothing...I am most definitely the "fashion police's" worst enemy!! I LIVE in blue jeans and t-shirts, or sweatshirts in the winter. When I go out to dinner, I'll splurge and wear brand new blue jeans. The way I figure, if folks don't like what I'm wearing...then don't look at me!!!

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

Polly I can't decide either! I have always loved purple, light like Lilac's. It's really hard to chose one color because it is the play on colors that is so beautiful, the way they work together. I love purple, and blue, with a dark pink, all together. so in my garden I like to mix Lobelia with petunia's.

Polly I also love yellow and blue, my kitchen is where I spend my most time, and that are my colors in threre, where I surround myself with cobalt blue glass, balls, and globes and yellow paint.

For some reason I hate Orange, I can only stand it in the Fall, that is the only time that it seems right.

Maybe someone has some information about why we hate certain colors. Like Sharon doesn't like red.


-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

It suddenly occurs to me that I meant Captain Kirk. I wasn't trying to be an elitist snob about members of our board.

So what colours does everyone else want to redesign themselves as? Green would be a good colour choice for shy and retiring types who would like to blend in with the garden when undesireables come calling (tax assessors leap to mind), or if you have pastured livestock that don't like to be caught.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

I wanna be a chameleon. Red like a poisettia in the winter for energy and warmth, Yellow like a daffodill in springtime for joy and rebirth, pink like a hollyhock in summertime for flirting with the sun and breeze, and warm rusty brown in the fall to dance with the falling leaves.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

Polly, that is too beautiful !

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2001

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