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Palestinians have 'emergency plan' to confront invasion OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AFP) — Palestinian intelligence chief Amin Al Hindi said in remarks reported Sunday that the Palestinians have an “emergency plan” to confront any Israeli invasion of occupied territory. “The PA has an emergency plan to confront an Israeli invasion into the Palestinian lands,” Hindi told Al Quds, the top-selling Palestinian newspaper.

“We are ready to defend ourselves and our land with all we have to confront the aggression,” he said without elaborating.

Israel sent in tank and troop reinforcements to the West Bank last week following a bloody spasm of violence that saw four Palestinians killed in an Israeli helicopter strike against Hamas activitists and the killing of two Israeli occupation soldiers blown up by a suicide bomber.

Israeli officials repeatedly denied they had any plans to retake Palestinian land, saying the extra forces were meant as a “warning signal” to the Palestinians to halt violence.

“Sharon is trying to cover his political failure by convincing the world that the Palestinians are the source of threat for Israel, he is trying to find a reason to act against the Palestinians,” Hindi charged.

-- Martin Thompson (, July 23, 2001

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