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Please inform me how one would go about contacting the organizational people of the Arles/Perpignan, France Photo Fetes for possible inclusion, submission of works for evaluation, etc.. in their week long activities---for next year.

Merci--Raymond A. Bleesz

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (, July 23, 2001


Raynond, Just rust me on this: you'll stand a lot better chance of seeing a lot more editors, curators and publishers and people who in general support photography with exhibitions, grants, and publications by comingto Fotofest 2002 in Houston, Texas instead. Granted Fotofest doesn't havethe mystique that Arles has but all ofthe same people are much more accessable here than they are there. Just ask Keith Carter. or Anne Tucker. I've heard this sentiment (how much better Fotofest is for unknown and some known photographers than Arles) from a number of people who are very very important in the fine art and photojournalism worlds. The reason is that Arles is very high pressure.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, July 23, 2001.

That should have been "trust me" not "rust me". I don't work for Fotofest except as a volunteer. But once again, it can be a career maker.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, July 24, 2001.

RIP Arles Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie BP 96 Maison des Rencontres d'Arles 10, rond-point des Arènes BP 96 13632 Arles Cedex France fax: (33)0 490 499 439 vox: (33)0 490 498 140

-- Dominique Césari (, July 24, 2001.

I am going to Arles this year. I have a show in Geneva during the month of July 2002. I went to Fotofest in 1998, it was very good for my first time to get into serious portfolio reviews. Nothing significant came out of it except for the experience. The next year, I went to a SPE meeting, (Society for Photographic Education) in my home town of Tucson, for $125, and one of the people I reviewed with was a curator from the Library of Congress, which has significantly changed my photographic life.

-- Gary Auerbach (, June 28, 2002.

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