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The "new" Super Cambo arrived in the post this morning and as always with something bought via auction there are a few questions which I would value your help with.

1) Its obviously not been used for quite some time and has what I might call musty storage. I would like to give the metalwork and bellows a good clean. Is there a 'dont do' in terms of cleaning. Does the metalwork get a lube?

2) DDS are the same - best advise on cleaning.

3) Can you still get parts for the Super Cambo ? the springs that hold the back on feel tired, still seem to lock the back on OK but I am sure should be snappier. 4) The grafmatic 45 film holder supplied has only 4 septums rather than 6. Will it still work ?

5) Last question... can yuo still get manuals for the camera ?

Apart from a few other niggles I'm pleased with the bits. Ohhh.. and the shutter only has one effective speed ! I might even get to take a picture soon... :-)



-- David Tolcher (, July 23, 2001


Cambo are still going, if you need spares. The Grafmatic is pretty useless without all six holders.

-- Pete Andrews (, July 24, 2001.

Dave: A gentle wash with warm soapy water will clean the metal parts. Use a soft cloth dipped in the soapy water and wrung almost dry to wipe the larger parts down. A Q-tip dipped in the soapy water and squeezed mostly dry will clean the hard to get to places. I would use the same method on the bellows, but use only a slightly damp cloth. Do not soak the bellows. Follow the soapy cloth with one dipped in water only to rinse. Use the water sparingly. Sorry, can't help with the Grafmatic or spare parts questions. Lube the camera very lightly and don't get grease on the bellows.


-- Doug Paramore (, July 24, 2001.

Thanks for the input. Do you really mean useless for the grafmatic back - it still seems to work but obviously doesnt increment the counter. It looks like a nifty device that could save hours of pain. Thks

-- David Tolcher (, July 24, 2001.

Grafmatics are touchy beasts at the best of times. The slightest kink in one of the filmholders can cause them to jam up and bend even more.
Yes, it probably will rotate the filmholders without all six being inserted, but I doubt that the film registration will be correct. The Grafmatic has two sets of springs, one set pushes the filmholders forwards, and the other set pushes back on the edges to form a low friction seating, allowing them to be slipped over one another. If the forward pressure is too low, then the film holders won't sit in the correct location, and your focusing will be off.
It'll be off anyway, if these are the UK 'Wray' manufactured holders. The filmplane location on those is just plain wrong.

-- Pete Andrews (, July 26, 2001.

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