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Hellow! I am trying to convert from VHS tape to VCD. I'm using my Sony Handycam and IEEE1394 to capture the analog tapes and convert them to digital. I use MGI VideoWave software for capturing and then converting them to MPEG-1. Then I use TMPGEnc to make the MPEG files VCD compatible. Then I use GNU VCDImager to create the BIN/CUE. But I'm unable to burn them using FireBurner 1.06. An error occurs and the task is terminated. I checked the CUE file and it is exactly as it should be.I also have the Adaptec easy CD creator (No VCD option) My questions are 1. Do I need to uninstall my Adaptec Cd creator before using the FireBurner? 2. Do I need to de-interlace at any stage? 3. can I make menus using the TMPGEnc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

-- zamir alam (, July 22, 2001



You cant make menus with`ll have to use Videopack4 or nero, which will do simple menus... or as for the fireburner problem, adaptec software in general doesnt like anyother burning software sharing the same yes, i would try uninstalling the adaptec stuff making syre you get rid of it all especially DirectCD if you have it installed..hope this helps some :)


-- Alan. (, July 23, 2001.

Thanks for the help. I'm now using FireBurner 2,06 and I am able to burn the VCD. But the sound and the video are not synchronized. The MPEG-files are OK.

-- Zamir Alam (, July 23, 2001.

Zamir, try the Nero software to burn your MPEG as VCD. This software does a great job at this. Adaptec Easy CD Creator (version 4) does not have VCD option, only version 5 does !!! No need to de-interlace at all if you are using TMPGEnc (it's auto for MPEG-1) Cannot make menu with TMPGEnc (it's not its function), but you can with Nero when you burn VCD.

-- ktnwin (, July 24, 2001.

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