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Hello, I have another question! What is the differance between a Doula & a Midwife assistant? Are they anything alike at all? or totally different from each other? Also, do you know of any way I can find out more about Childproofing? I am thinking about offering that with my services,& so I have been doing research on childproofing, but I was wondering if there is anywere I can get some special training, or a Workshop, etc.? Thank you, Theresa Lacey

-- theresa Lacey (, July 22, 2001


Hi Theresa-

Doulas support the laboring woman by protecting the woman's space, offering encouraging words, touch and massage and providing counter pressure. A midwife's assistant would engage in more technical aspects of birth and support the midwife.

-- Valerie Greenwood Holland (, April 14, 2003.

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