We need to work out a better Battle system!!!!

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The old one is so so, but then it makes the game seem like a squaresoft wannabe. also, I think there should be special items that allow you to do certaint things like summon. but since you said you don't want a Fantasy RPG then how about the items are like this:

Bone-Summons 2 attack dogs to deal damage to the enemy for 1 turn
Shark eggs-2 turns after this is used, sharks attack any fish summon causing instant death
toy mice-Summons a cat to attack enemies for 2 turns.
feeder crickets-summons a toad to steal items from the enemy.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001


And now about the battle system...

I think that final fantasy is to stand still. So how about more of a Legend of Mana battle system with a little Star Ocean mixed in.... Sure, I'm just setting myself up for more programming but I think it would be worth it to actually plow into somebody using the skateboard then bash them over the head with it. Or nail somebody with the shovle or rake after you swing it around a bunch, doing heaps of damage. and even aiming the shotgun sould be preity cool. Also, the using summon items would be cool, you could throw the item and you get a new party member to use for however many turns, of corse, you could only use the items once and you also have to find them, making the game even funner.....

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

To: IceFlamethrower...

here are a few design tips for reworking your plot:
We are not intristed on how the game will turn out as a game, what we are intisted in is how the game looks and feels like. So basicly, make up an imaginary world and explain it to us, tell us of all teh adventures you have there, tell us about the people you see. this should help you alot. That way you don't have to post "cutscean where tracktor drives by* you just describe your fantasy world, we'll work out all the other little tweaks, since we are the programmers(such as what's a cutscean, what's not, what the front page looks like, how the stats are tweaked, how powerful the attacks are)....

OK, ice, does that help you out a little? I got plenty of help so just post here if you need any more tips...

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Is ice still here? Also, Aaron, read this....

is Ice still hanging around or is he gone or something? Aaron, I forgot to ask, what programming languages do you know so we can meet some common grounds and program from there(assuming Ice shows up within then next week, or we may even make our own RPG)

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

uh oh....

I don't know graphics in C++ yet, either.... I can do graphics in Q-Basic, which just plain sucks(although it may be a nice alternative for this game. It doesn't really seem like it's really graphicly inclined, so I think Super nintendoish graphcs would be OK...)... But I could learn some more C++... Cause if I don't then we're screwed(if we go with a really complex game).....

Of corse, Ice, don't let this put a cap on your ideas. Give them to us full force, well work out the details later... So, don't start limiting you work yet(like if it were already a game and all you are doing is describing a game) but instead give us the full idea and we'll cut whatever has to but cut...

Again, is Ice still here, or did he ditch us?

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

We could do a FF style battle system with out making it seem like a rip-off. We just need to make uniqe(sp?) abilities. This game sounds really short.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

the game is too short

You just addressed my next issue. This game would barely be 1 blocks on RPG maker for PSX, that's what makes it so sad and possibly even worth making. the new battle system was just so it would be worth it to actually spend months programming a game that would probly take 10 hours or less on a playstation. I mean why bother if it takes about 10 hours to very easily make it on a playstation. So basicly, we need FAR more inovative ideas. We need probly a scratch built battle system(I was thinking along the lines of legends of mana, but with a star ocean twist. like you move around then when it's your turn to attack you choose from a list of abillities.) and we need a far better plot(ICE, you got some good ideas. atleast it's not some Final Fantasy VII Rip off.)

But we need more inovative and interactive mixed in. i mean right now it's just you beat this guy up, then these guys, then this guy again, then... which isn't bad, but there isn't much intervention involved. how come there isn't any charactor background, why isn't there much character interaction. Infact, it would be cool if you could actually choose how your charactor reacts with others based on how you played the game. and it would be intristing if we actually had backgrounds for these people. right now all I'm getting is a bunch of pissed off buck tooth hill-billies that run around beating the crap out of people so they can get water for there crops. I don't think this is exactly how you want the game to come off to players but that's exacly how it comes off so far. and i know you said you want to make this game origional and not jsut another fantasy RPG, but a really origional RPG, but there is a fine line between origional and just plain crap.

So, you don't have to make a fantasy RPG if you don't want to(even though it may not be such a bad idea to start leaning that way) But atleast give us more to work with here. Beat up this guy, beat up that guy, do 1 or 2 find the missing key item quests, but that's all you have down. I really hope you have more up your sleeves, Ice.... If not, then take a little break and write some more, try going to all those "RPG ideas" websites and draw some insparation. But mostly, take a little few hour break. I like to take a break in my backyard, try that...

Anyway, I can give a little help, so just post here if you need me. I check in regularly...

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Kojiro you make an excellent point. Ice you want to make an original RPG this doesn't sound too original. It is just fighting and go find the Item. Character background and development would also be good.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2001

I'm learning c++ i know enough to make a game just not graphics. I know pascal just not graphics. I hope you know how to do graphics cause I don't.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

I should be able to learn graphics in C++ fairly soon and I when I learn then I should also have some soft where to make them.

-- Anonymous, July 25, 2001

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