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lets get this RPG started up

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001


All right , The game's name is unofficially Acid Gate , because it is about the government shutting off water to a canal and ruining the farming buisness . If you guys can think of a better name , I'd be glad to hear it . The main screen is just a typical Load/New game screen . When you start a new game it asks what your name is (Default is Michael,he is a farmer,for appearance)then the beginning of the game is a cutscene . A text briefly says 5 years ago.A man(Governer Kisupper,he wears a simple black suit & tie) is sitting at a desk surrounded by a grandstand-like area full of various people . He says "I promise water to all of the farmers every year!" then the screen fades to the same screen , only it says "Present day" . The governer says "The ESA must protect the endangered fish.We will give the farmer's water to the fish in order to save them." then the screen fades yet again to the Michael , who is sitting at a table in his house . His mother says to him "Michael , remember to get your friend before you go to the tractor rally.Uh,what's her name?"(Her default name is Krista , she's a pretty blonde girl who looks similar to Celes from Final Fantasy III/IV )Then you can go upstairs to your room and look in the desk for $200.Once outside you are in a village with many farm houses(Calamari Falls) , the people around town all talk about the tractor rally to get their farming water back.To the south of town is Krista , arguing with someone about why she can't skateboard here.After you talk to the man she's arguing with a battle starts.(Krista has 50 HP and so does Michael.they both have 10 SP (Special points) They only know one special attack,Michael knows 'Spin kick'(self explanitory)and Krista knows Flirt,which will decrease the enemy's accuracy.They both use 1 SP.The battle system is much like Final Fantasy,but this battle is a tutorial.It tells you how to attack,and how to use special attacks.The enemy(Landlord,a normal everyday guy 20 HP and a special attack called rent collection where he goes up to the victim and shakes them upside down.You can lose money from this.He gives you 5 exp. and $50)when that battle is over,the landlord gives back Krista's skateboard(which can be equipped as a weapon).Now Kirsta joins the party,so you can go to your house and get the Tractor keys and Michael's weapon,a shovel from his Mom.Then you go behind the house and get in the tractor.Then there is a cutscene where the tractors are driving down the road.You wind up back home where everyone is planning what to do now.A man suggests a 'Bucket brigade' where every one would carry buckets of water to the empty canal.Then you must go upstairs to your room and get in bed.The next day you will be at Vietnam Park.The park has a large stage where a old man is giving a speech.All you hear is 'We hope to have a peaceful bucket brigade today.' You can talk to the people,they don't have much to say.You need to go east,but you can stop at the Calimari Grill and get a bite to eat.Going towards your destination you will encounter random battles with:

Cop-25 HP Special move Nightstick 15 exp $30 Rat-5 HP Special move infect 10 exp $1 Gangsta-40 HP Special move mug 30 exp $100

Once to the end of the street you must go north along a dirt road until you reach the school's football field that's next to a canal.The cutscene shows them dumping the buckets into the canal and then you are once again home.You go downstairs and realise your Mom isn't there.You find a ransom note saying she has been kidnapped and is at the headgates.The screen fades into a different park with a road going south.There is a crowd here,and you find out today is the mothers day march where all the farming mothers walk to the headgates to protest.You meet a large woman (Default name is Tiffany) and she joins your party.(She has 50 HP and is equipped with a shotgun.Her special move is Reload,which lets her attack twice in one turn.This uses 5 SP.)You then go west to the headgates where you must fight 3 pairs of cops(One pair after the other,not 6 cops all at once.) then you will get to the head gates where you press the button at the valve to open them.This also opens the locked gate on the other side,so you can go through and rescue your mother.It seems they had kidnapped her to stop the protesters from getting their water back.A battle starts,and you must fight Enviro-Terrorist a hippy-ish guy.He has 100HP and his special move is Pipe bomb,where he throws a bomb causing damage to the entire party.He gives you $500 and 1000Exp . Then he releases your mom and disappears.Your Mom is relieved and you go home.Then your mom says the farmers have decided to camp out at the headgates anfd you should join them.You get there and the gate to the headgates is locked and there are Federal Agents inside.There a tents set up outside though,and the farmers are all mad at the feds.Now you must find the Pump and 4 pipes,that are scattered around the area.You have to fight some cops to get them and you need to fight 4 cops to get the pump.Once you have all of them,you can go talk to the man by the locked gate and he says "Great idea!We can pump water around the headgates!"Then you must fight 3 Feds to lay the pipe.Each one has 150 HP,no special move,and gives 1500 exp and $200 . Then the Park ranger comes and shuts off the water.A battle starts,but he is impossible to beat.When you die,he shuts off the pump and welds the headgates shut.He laughs evilishly and goes away.You then decide to go to the capitol and make the governer give back the farmer's water.You encounter some enemies(Just weak things like wild dogs and cats and things.)And then reach the capitol."The governer is on the top floor" Says Tiffany."But we need a key to the elevator." so now you go in and encounter random attacks by Lawyers with 200HP,Special attack Sue and 2000 exp and $1000 . You must work your way to the basement where you see a key on the desk.You then have a fight with the Janitor.He has 500HP and a special move Sweep and gives you 3000 exp and $500 . He then gives you the key.You can go to the main room and use the elevator to go to the second floor and get new weapons for everyone and you can go to the third floor and into the Governer's room.The Ranger from before is there.He has 750HP and His special move is Kick(This is different from Michael's move.)He gives you 5000 exp and $2000 . Then the Governer says"I knew somneone would come after me when I didn't give you the water.The fish payed me a lot of money y'know.." then he attacks you.The Governer has 10000 HP and his special move is Greed,where he calls upon two fish to help him.He gives you 10000 Exp and $10000 . The fish have 500HP each and their special move is Steal which can steal an item.They don't give exp or money . When you beat the governer,he promises to give back the water.He does,but turns it to salt water so that no crops will grow.You then fight him again,only he has 50000 HP and he does double damage.After that is the end of the game.The farmers celebrate because they were able to stop the water before it reached the farms.After the celebration,the credits roll.

Well that's pretty much it.You can put in shops with weapons,armor,potion,etc. I didn't really specify which items and things there are,so you can just put in whatever you like.If you want you can put in more enemies and things,as long as the plot isn't different.If you have any questions or if something isn't specific enough,just tell me and I'll clear it up.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

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