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I didn't know that Ben had a brother.Well...actually...i don't know anything about this guy.I was just "surfing" and i fell down on this website,and i decided to write some words to his brother (if he ever reads this thing i wrote...)and i'm french(sorry but YES i love red wine and french stinky cheese!!!).Anyway, Casey (can i call you like this?After all,i saw your movies pictures,now we can consider ourselves as good old friends(!),huh?!) how does it feel to be "Ben's brother-who's called Casey"; do you want to be a big star or do you just want to be an actor?, 'cause, you know, i'm in the same situation;indeed my lil' brother plays guitar better than me...Well, it's not than i'm jealous or something (my guitar is more beautiful..) but the problem is that no-bo-dy has created a website dedicated to myself,you know, this would at least calm me!Please, answer my question 'cause i'm thinking about learning to play banjo...What a pity!

-- Michelle (, July 21, 2001

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