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Okay... before you answer yes... the rocks that I'm talking about like quartz rocks to just name a few... rocks or gemstones of sufficient meaning to you...

for instead... my 7 year old have several... no many, many special rocks that he finds... and he has them scattered throughout the flower beds and the lovely flowers ground in and around them...

me... I have this special 6-8 pound rough quartz in my herbal garden... it was a gift from a special friend... and it seems most fitting to be sitting amongest the yarrow that I so love...its calming essences helps to maintain good energy for the plants to grow...

also... if any of you have read Peralanda's garden workbooks... they have a (darn I am having a brain freeze here)... it is hoops inside of one another to form rectangles and triangles with the criss crossing of the hoops... it has healing energies if form correctly... but this too is in the herbal garden... and I normally sit beside plants that need some extra TLC...

Rob Roy has a book out on Stonehedge aspects... he is of the cordword building fame.. I would like to read it...

so... do you have rocks in your garden???

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001


I have several rocks in my garden that originally were part of the fieldstone foundation of the barn on my grandparent's farm. They're not really large because I had to get them into the trunk of my car, the largest one is probably the size of a basketball. My dad was able to take the tractor and haul away all the large stone blocks that were used as window and door headers on the barn, he uses them to edge the flowerbeds around the house. It looks really nice.

We had our house built about 4 years ago. It's on a slab, and the night before the concrete was poured we placed quartz crystals in the four directions and also gemstones for love, wealth, and protection where the front door is. Unfortunately we didn't think to put any protection stones by the back patio door, and when our house was broken into guess which door they used!

Have you done much work with the Perlandra books? I have the first garden workbook but I haven't done any more than read it.

I have Rob Roy's stonehenge book on my wish list at Amazon. We really want to build a henge on our property (once we get property) so I think that we're going to try to go to one of his henge-building schools sometime in the future. Our friend has volunteered to help us with the construction, he works in the warehouse at Best Buy carrying around heavy appliances all day so I figure he should be able to tote a few stones. Here's the website for Rob Roy's henge school. Bigstones

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

I have rocks in my garden that are generally too big (or numerous) to be inside...interesting ones I've picked up in travelling and such. I also like to put them into potted plants and around them.

I got the henge book. It's pretty neat. Now I just have to figure out how to afford to have one set up in the back yard!! I know the size rocks I want I'm never going to be able to lift myself!!! I'd just settle for a little set-up with a couple uprights and a lintel, maybe a solitary, if I could find one I really liked. I go and walk through the stone piles at a local landscaper's, but they always seem to have taken the really nice ones off somewhere else.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

YarrowLady Oh Yes! Me too, I love stones and gems! I go around collecting them like a crow does his little treasures. And ever since I had that dream where I was inside of a crystal I have worn a little cystal around my neck. Peralanda's Garden books, boy they sound good. What is the little hoopy thing that you speek of having Yarrow? It sounds so much like the pattern, which Lynnclaire Dennis discovered during an after life experiance. Have you heard seen that ? It is so beautiful, this ball of energy, mathmetitians and scientists are fasinated with it. Let's see go to then look under New Age NDEs, for Lynnclaire Dennis. wow, Yarrow you have a 6-8 pound quarts in your garden, That must be sooo beautiful! There is a place called The Rock Garden where Lea(my 8 year old}, and I like to go. They have the biggest assortment of Gems that I have ever seen. I have often wanted to get a big one and put it in my garden, but I was afraid that exposing them to the weather might deteriate them. So tell me, it doesn't! Oh they are all so beautiful!

Yarrow, you have a 7 year old. Oh, there is something really spiritual about a child at that age.! It was at this age that Lea would find me and bring me messages from my dear cat friend Trouper,who had traveled through life with me for 13 years, I loved him so. She would say," Mommy I just talked with Trouper and he says that he misses you but he had to go get some things done, and to remember that he loves you and that the lessons that he had for you are still good." These messages always left me speechless, I have never discoraged this kind of stuff in my Lea, her pretend friends, her imagined ? seeings, I truly feel as if I am her mother partly for this reason,because I can let her be free in these ways, guess you might have read that I dreamed that I preserved my Lea at that age in a jar of peaches.grin.Ah! What a peach she was! What is your little 7 year olds name, if you are comfortable with sharing it here that is. My Lea loves rocks too, always finding more for her collection. She notices the beauty in every little stone beneath our feet. It has been a reminder to me.

There is one gem that is really special to me and that is my Jimmy. My Grandma who's name is Ruby,was the first to name him that, after quite a few trails and errors, I was 37 before I settled down with Jim, and Grandma told me that he was my great find, he was my Gem. JIm is a green stone to me, very stable and firm and coming from the solid ground.

Let's see what are some of my other favorites. I think Amethyst is far up there for me. I have allways loved purple. It is a Gem to me that represents fairies, and the mystical, and unicorns, and all the good wonderful beautiful magical things that you can imagine in your mind. Purpld amethyst a dream world.

And Shale, I just love shale! It crumbles apart if left out of the water! CAn anybody explain this, in a not too scientific way? We went recently to a stream where there was shale. It is such a smokey blue. And smooth.

I'm gonna go find my stones now, I haven't been with them for awhile.

Thanks for this thread, Yarrow It's fun!


-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

SherriSkye, That's too cool the way you put those gems before your door! do I understand that you can't see these gems, that they are within the foundation?

Fool thiefs! What did they take? You poor Dear! That would be scary!

What is a henge? Is it like a stone fence? Tren

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Yes Tren, the stones are buried in the cement of the foundation. WE hadn't moved into the house yet when it was broken into. We were doing sweat equity for the downpayment so we did all the interior painting and staining ourselves. We think that it was just kids that broke in, they tossed things around a bit, wrote some stuff on the walls, and stole our portable shoplights. Oh, and someone took a dump in one of the upstairs closets.

Do you know what Stonehenge looks like over in England? That's a henge.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

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