What is the A.M.E Protocol for annual conference?

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August 6th will be my first AME annual conference. And I am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!I have been United Methodist most of my life. So I need to know what the Protocol is for A.M.E annual conference. For example does each church present the Bishop and the Episcopal Supervisor with a gift? What is the dress style. Do I do something for the hostchurch etc. Any info you have would really, really help. I wish with all my heart that my AME discussion board family could be there when I and my church are officially welcomed into the AME fold. Thanks everyone, for it has been this discussion board that confirmed God was calling me to be AME. A footsoldier in the army of the lord!

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001


Where and when will the Annual Conference convene?

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001

Pastor Paris the Pacific Northwest conference will be held August 6-12, 2001 at Allen A.M.E church in Tacoma, Washington. Rev. Nixon is the pastor of the host church.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

Grretings and bless the Lord. Here in the NY Annual Conference on opening day we all wear black and white. This past Conference in April all of the Ordained Ministers wore their robes, if you can get a copy of the Christian Recorder you will see the opening day service and annual conference summary. Have a great conference it is a time I use for bondimng and sharing with people I usually don't get to see for about 6 months.

Bless you!


-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

The Canadian Conference opens with the Missionary Convention on Wednesday. The WMS Convention will include Business Sessions during the day and a Night in White Worship Service that evening. Dr. M. Joan Cousin is our Episcopal Supervisor.

The Annual Conference for the Canadian Conference opens on Thursday AM with Roll Call, it is traditional that dark suits be worn by the clergy. The Annual Sermon will also be preached (Rev. Betty Middlebrook, preacher) and Business Session will take place in the afternoon. A welcome recepption will be held for Bishop Philip R. Cousin, recognizing his 25 years as an active bishop in our Zion. There will be Communion Worship Service held Thursday evening (Rev. Gregory Wilson, preaching). Friday will be business and an Hour of Power Worship under the leadership of Women In Ministry (preacher to be selected). Youth night will take place on Friday evening. Saturday is filled with th Ordination Service, Lay activities and YPD meeting and activities. The Canadian Conference closes on Sunday morning with the Worship service and Reading of Appointments. Again, tradionally clergy will be robed. The Canadian Conference is unique in that it is a small conference, but proud to be AME. The Rt. Rev. Philip R. Cousin is our Biship.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

Rev. Rogers,

It's wonderful to see you so excited about the approach of your annual conference. I remember my first (1995). I too was very excited, and nervous (as I had just married a pastor, and had NO IDEA what to expect). It was quite an interesting experience.

I am sure that the answers to your question will be as varied as the annual conferences represented. In light of that, my suggestion would be for you to ask those who are in your conference regarding specifics.

Have a blast. I await your report.

In Him, Linda Barta (Southern California Conference) linda_barta@hotmail.com

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

Yahoo! Linda we are in the same district, I am excited, happy, joyful, awed and moved by the Holy Spirit! I have a perpetual grin on my face and a joy in my heart. This discussion board is such a great gift to me, for I have many new friends. There is such passion about the AME denomination. "As my grandmother would say we don't need any dead folk in the churc;-)" My presiding elder Dr. Ellis Casson is retiring after 48 years of service to the church. He has walked me through this process, he is excited about God. So, sister Linda I plan to hug everyone at annual conference and to have the name of Jesus constantly on my lips. For me annual conference will be a homecoming. Two more weeks and I coming home. Joy in Christ for he is the King of our lives.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

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