Mr. Chairman and members, thank you for allowing me to speak to you today. My name is Larry Vance. I am the second son of a legally naturalized American of Mexican origin. I live approximately 3 miles west of Douglas, Arizona, and about 1 mile north of the Mexican border. A brother and his family, and my parents are my neighbors on a 20-acre family plot. My wife and I have lived there for 25 years. In that time, we have had some problems with illegal aliens. I've been burglarized, had a truck stolen, and property vandalized. My brother and parents have had similar problems. We have adapted to this by installing high fences, expensive burglar alarms, mean aggressive dogs, and other measures. However for the past seven years, in particular the last year, we have seen a dramatic increase in illegal border crossing. The occasional illegal alien has grown to literally thousands crossing every night. Men, women and children. I've seen groups where the majority will likely become public charges. With the accompanying noises of dogs barking, people yelling and screaming, babies crying, horns honking, and occasionally gun shots, I haven't had a complete night sleep in more than 10 months. Six months ago, I witnessed some sort of shoot out a mile from my house. We live in constant fear of being robbed, assaulted, or worse. We must remain armed at all times because border bandits prey upon the helpless within close proximity of our homes, and armed drug smugglers transport drugs past in the night. We are like prisoners in our own homes. My parents or someone must remain on the property at all times to guard against foreign invaders. An 81-year-old neighbor has been burglarized approximately 50 times. Another has had his homeowners insurance canceled.

The area along the Mexican border has become a ''no man's land'' where lawlessness prevails. Criminals strike and flee to freedom in a country where they are coddled, even admired. They rape, rob and beat their own countrymen and others with impunity.

I have been asked, ''Why don't you move?'' The answer is, I can't. Nobody wants to move to an area like I have described. My property values have declined to the point that I owe more than for what it can be sold.

I cannot begin to convey to you the feelings of helplessness, frustration and fear that has overcome border residents. Livelihoods are being threatened and destroyed. Tracts of pristine desert-ecological treasures have been permanently disfigured or lost. Pastures of prime grassland have become the equivalent of landfills littered with clothing, diapers, feces, plastic and other debris. U.S. citizens and legal residents are being deprived of their rights, property and piece of mind by individuals who have sneaked into this country in violation of U.S. laws while the U.S. Government allows it to go on and the Mexican Government encourages its citizens to migrate illegally.

Some illegal aliens rights groups shout ''Racism'' when the issue of establishing control of our border is brought forth. I ask you, What is it about race that entitles a person to sneak across our border, violate our laws, destroy my property and take advantage of the benefits we have set aside for our citizens and legal residents?

It is true that this is a nation established by immigrants. It is also true that our ancestors were LEGAL immigrants. That distinction is lost by those who advocate open borders and that all in the world have a right to come to America.


-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001


This man's experience is terrible. The border patrol should set up camp on his property line.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2001

Right and the NM National Guard should be called in to fill in the gaps on the perimeter of his property to make sure he is safe and sound. Same for any citizen of Calif., Ariz, NM and Texas.

While that might be a touch expensive it certainly would show that every effort is being made in case Pancho Villa and all the other brigands come down from the hills.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

No a couple of things have to be done.

One, start fining employers who hire illegals. Fine companies who operate laundry businesses which profit from the situation(7-11 and their MOS for example).

Two, close all the holes in the Law the NWO crowd has created the last 30 years.

Do but those two, and 99% of the problem is over.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

Police Seize 1M Ecstasy Pills

I read stories like this one and wonder how OPEN are the HOLES in our society when two jerks like this can do what they did, but were too STUPID(or arrogant) to even think maybe spilting up $187,000 into several locations sound(assuming that they didn't with more money)? Who just figured sitting on 450 pounds of a major controlled substance no biggy.

Course these two told INS they were here on "holiday" lol.

Come on people. NOTHING is as badly run as the INS and Customs without someone real high-up looking the other way.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001


Are you a closet-Buchanonite?

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

Has anyone else heard the history of how the great wall of China was built? For a cost much less than the losses incured by the illegal aliens, it would behoove each landowner, county, city to build "their" portion of a great wall that would prevent the illegal crossings.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001


Do you know how China's enemies got around the Great Wall?

They'd find a corrupt official who'd open one of the gates for a bribe.

(There's a lesson there, I think.)

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001

I read that Genghis Khan breached the wall at a weak point. The Mongol hordes overran China and most of Asia and eventually reached Europe. Typically, when invading a new country, they ruthlessly sacked and slaughtered the first city encountered. Remaining cities capitulated quickly.

I think at its zenith, the Mongolian Empire was the largest the world has ever known.

The Mexicans will probably start with Tucson and Las Vegas.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001

Buchanonite? As far as the Illegal issue I sure am. Beyond that Pat is pretty out there if you know what I mean. Another who I disagree with well over half the time, but not on Illegals, is Radio-dude Michael Savage who shares Buchanan's views on the Invasion and is likewise way right.

Do not attempt to pidgeonhole me Lars. Most think I am a Liberal, I am not, I am a Centrist. MOST people are when pressed on just about anything, call me honest.

Even on this Illegal issue, I am not without compassion, quite the opposite. I do not think it is a good idea to condone criminality and promote behaviors and lifestyles toxic to a civilized society. It is no good for THEM or US, period.

I am just against people who will not bend. People so closedminded and dogmatic they are beyond hope. Media types who spew crap they don't even believe really tick me off, like a Rush Limbaugh. Freaking guy is ridiculous. Even heard this twit last winter badmouthing anyone who was in the Christmas spirit as being a bleeding heart Liberal. The guy is in loolooland in my book without a paddle back.

On the otherhand, I find a Michael Reagan at least refreshing and willingly to discuss issues honestly and openly. I like the whole Reagan family. I just think Ronnie's politics majorly flawed is all.

Just so you are not confused, I think Barbara Boxer and Maxine Waters escapees from some mentalward. I think Gephardt and Daschle bananas. Most of the Liberals we all know and love are exactly the slimy bastards advertised. Most live under the burden of never having had any real life experience which the rest of us know. Most are intellectuals without a drop of common everday sense. They are not all bad, you just have to be able to say no them most times.

What I miss are guys like Mo Udall. Straightshooters who cared and were deeply committed to what it is to be an American. Mo had class and then some. He was a gem and I really miss the guy.

Funny, lonely being in the middle.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001

Thanks for the outline Doc. You know the Buchanon remark was just a little jibe. I could have said Perotista. Or Greenie for that matter. If I recall Brian McLauglin(?), the Greens don't favor NAFTA, WTO, etc.

I don't receive Savage or Michael Reagan in this market. I get Rush and listen to him if I'm in the car. I agree with most of his politics. He comes off to me as a main-line Conservative. He was very anti-Perot. He is not a conspiracy buff. (sometimes I think you are) He never was a y2k fudster. All I recall about his Christmas shows is that he plays too much Mannheim Steamroller. He claims to believe in God but if he is a churchgoer, I have never heard him say so. I enjoy his musical parodies. I appreciate his clear thinking and his lack of PC. Camille Paglia likes him and I like Camille Paglia.

I think the issue of illegal immigrants is serious. There is a tipping point in any society where a minority can become too large and affect the culture. That is a kind of invasion. I don't think this has happened yet with Mexicans but we may be getting close in the SW.

I certainly don't support open boarders. A sovereign nation has a right and responsibility to its citizens to protect its borders But I also think that legal immigration strengthens the country. The new ideas and energies that immigrants bring are essential. Japan could use some legal immigration. I think Decker's favorite dead economist, Julian Simon, had this pegged.

What to do about illegal immigration? IMO, the best way to reduce illegal immigration is to support policies that will encourage Mexicans, Chinese and other 3rd Worlders to stay at home. To me, that means relatively free trade that will tend to increase their domestic prosperity. It means supporting human rights in their countries. One of the things I like about Bush is his emphasis on Mexico and his good rapport with Senor Fox.

Well we disagree on some things. That's what makes a market. You and your aliases have often adopted a very harsh tone lately. I will continue to tweek you on that. I think we both enjoy it.

Hope you guys are bearing (baring?) up to the heat.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2001

Funny thing this medium. In person I am probably one of the most laidback and civil chaps to be found anyplace. Put me in front of a monitor and all hell breaks loose.

I blame Charlie.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2001

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