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Hey, I know I sound dumb, but I cant figure out how to play a VCD on Windows Media Player. I tried selecting "OPEN" and opening the d: (cd-rom) drive, but all i got was empty folders. However this VCD does work on my DVD player. I have windows milennium edition if that helps. Thanks. -Jennifer

-- Jennifer Lai (stellar311@surfout.com), July 19, 2001


Open MPEGAV folder, and than find huge (~600Mb) file sitting inside, with .dat extension (something like Music01.dat). Open this file in Win Media Player - and enjoy.

-- Ivan jankovic (ivan@cinax.com), July 20, 2001.

Another way is to just got to the CD itself and go into either the MPEG or Segment folder (depending on what program was used to record the VCD) and look for files with the extension .dat. If you double- click it, it should come up with the "Open With" dialogue box. Choose Windows Media Player and check the box "Always use this program to open this file". From now on, when you have a new VCD, and you double-click on that .dat file, it will open Windows Media Player and play the movie automatically.

-- VCD Man (sd_tran@hotmail.com), July 20, 2001.

It had the same problem as Jennifer Lai had and tried your suggestion but it said "there is no combination of filter for this file" or something like that even though I have win media player 7.

any suggestion? thanks

-- Kenny G (nganpham2002@yahoo.com), July 25, 2001.

Seems as though the newer version of media players are not able to read .dat files anymore. Is this the case? I say this because you cannot find any .dat in the "format" menu under "view" -> "options".

-- (knowledgepower88@hotmail.com), September 24, 2001.

you should go to microsoft's download page or on a search engine and get the divx codec. email me if you need help

-- tw (rikeromega99@yahoo.com), April 14, 2002.

when you are in windows media player , go to file , open your cd or whatever file your vcd is in, go in to your mpeg file, you will not see anything there, go down to files of type and switch to all files instead of just media files. avseq file will appear , click on it, media player will change it over and play it. works great on desktop, with 7.0 version, still trying to figure out why it plays slow on my laptop with same configurations, any suggestions?

-- LShepherd (strategyseeker@wmconnect.com), December 28, 2002.

Well, i am using the Windows Media Player 9. I just cannot play on .dat file any more due to the "No combination of filters could be found to render the stream" error. I looked Microsoft's help page, i guess it doesn't support the dat anymore. Any other software that plays VCD?


-- Johnny J (whatda101@yahoo.com), March 16, 2003.

I got a movie dat file to work on 9.0 but the picture dat files don't work is there a program that reads the pictures on a vcd. the cd was made with nero

-- wayne foster (webgalo2005@hotpop.com), October 04, 2003.

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