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I'm trying to do everything possible before modifying my dreamcast to play vcds recorded on a cd-rw. I've heard that there MIGHT be a real high- quality cd-rw disc that can be read on a dreamcast. Or does anyone know of anyone who can convert dreamcast to have agc(automatic gain control)?

-- man_h0e (, July 19, 2001


Dreamcast requires that it be burnt in a specific location on a cdr. Most cdrw cannot burn for dreamcast. Look on Dreamcast emulation sites to find which writers will work. Usually if it burns dreamcast it cant burn psx backups. Hope this helps.

-- ron (, July 19, 2001.

There are NO CD-RWs that will work on the Dreamcast. Reading CD-RW's on any drive depends on the laser frequency/intensity. There IS a way to do that on a Dreamcast but it's only for advanced users.

-- Falcon2001 (, July 19, 2001.

If yall is lookin for some burned dreamcast games you can email me or instant message me on skizophrenikthug for aim/aol users. well i have every dreamcast game and they are all 4 dollers plus shiping. you have to have a specail burner to burn the games but anyone can play them on there dreamcast. peace

-- justen rhyle everage (, July 19, 2001.

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