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Hi all,

I have a Graflex 4x5 Film Pack Adapter in this Linhof Tech IV kit I have and I don't know exactly what it's used for, I think it's for Polaroid film.

It's still in it's box with a catalogue number 1234 (how original), I'm a LF newbie so I thought it was to hold packs of film or maybe quickloads but I've just looked at it properly and it has a slot next to the two buttons that release the back which I assume is to extract the piece of film.

Can anyone shed some light on what this back is actually for?

-- Andrew McPhee (, July 17, 2001


Andrew, Film Packs were discontinued some time ago. I used them a lot in the Navy in the 60's. They held 12 sheets - if my memory serves - of thin 4x5 1/2 film attached to a sheet of black leader paper. The tabs of paper were exposed and you pulled one at a time to bring the next sheet into position. A very slick system. The drawbacks were: thin film and having to trim the sheets down to a 5" width to fit into hangers. Calumet made curved hangers to hold them but they never worked too well.

-- Bruce Wehman (bruce.wehman@hs.utc.comb), July 18, 2001.

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