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This may be old and I oppologies in advance if it is. But I have seen every JYW show at least twice. I and a few freinds are almost ready to drop anything to do with JYW.

Does anyone have any insight with regards to new programs? I did see the US UK competition and thought it was great but then it went right back to reruns. It was also great to see all 3 as hosts.


-- Jerry Johnson (, July 17, 2001


Jerry. They can only make so many shows at a time dependent on how many TLC will buy in advance. If you consider that the show only began in 1998 there really aren't that many shows to rerun to keep up happy. They are working like dogs to make more shows, here and in the UK. That should make you and me both happy. Suggesting that you might stop watching the show wont prompt them to make more shows with a magic wand. So don't watch the reruns and wait like a good boy until Sept. I think it will be worth it.

-- julie (, July 18, 2001.


The re-runs are just as much fun to watch the 2nd time around as the first. I like the way they have repackaged a few of the shows during the the re-runs and you get to pick up more of what each team was doing. I tend to watch the first time through for fun and the 2nd time through I start to analyize where the teams did good or bad in design. Jerry, there is some information on the upcoming session in the new JYW forum at but the JYW site is down today. I am sure Andy will have it back up soon :)

-- Bennett (Bigben) (, July 22, 2001.

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