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We need to develop a styleguide for the site, to define all the little editorial consistencies we want to enforce. (For instance, always ," and never ",). This would be another section of the Admin pages.

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001


Use ' instead of ’ for apostrophes and single-quotes, and use " instead of ” or “. Some web browsers don't like those fancy ones.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2001

Yes. Here's the first contribution: standard procedure for match reports, like this:

Match Report: Ajax fuck up again in shit game


Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam Wednesday, 18 July 2001

[match report text] kajhfkuhaufzxcvnzbvxnbvzn sjhdfjhskdghfksjhdkfjhskjdhf kdhkfjshkjhsdfkjhskjdhkfjhskjdhfhk kzghfkzhdkjfhwuyxjhcvkjxhkjcvkxjhg (MP)


22' 1-0 Fred Grim 36' 1-1 Pee-Airbag van Hooydonk

Referee: Luinge Yellow cards: De Cler, Yakubu (Ajax), De Haan (Feyenoord) Red cards: Grim (Ajax) Attendance: 35,000

Ajax line-up: Grim; O'Brien, Yakubu, Pasanen, Maxwell; Galásek (66. Winter)... etcetera

Feyenerd line-up: ...


So, pay attention, when summing up the goals: minute first, followed by a ' (12'), then the score, then the scorer, INCLUDING FIRST NAME. Note that Wamberto and Maxwell are 'football names'. They don't have first names, but are simply called Wamberto and Maxwell. They're trying to make 'Zlatan' a 'football name' of that category, too, but we're not buying that artificial crap. 'Footy names' are a Portugese/Brazilian/Turkish thing. Our man is a Swede, named Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I don't know what to do with Mido, though. His name is Ahmed Hossam. According to Bastiaan, 'Mido' is (sort of) short for Ahmed. In that case, we can refer to 'Zlatan' and 'Mido' in the text (if we want). But as goalscorers in the game statistics, it would be 'Mido Hossam' and 'Zlatan Ibrahimovic'.

No first name for the referee, no first names for the geeks who received cards. The card-receivers from one team go after one another, followed by their club in brackets. Like this:

De Cler, Pasanen, Chivu (Ajax), De Haan, Van Gastel (Feyenoord).

Don't add 'Yellow cards:' if none were given.

Line-ups: Ajax first, then the other team. Names separated by commas. Goalkeeper, defense, midfield and attack separated by a ; Like this:

Grim; O'Brien, Chivu, Pasanen, De Cler; Galásek...

Subs go like this: Galásek (56. Winter)

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2001

Hey dudes,

As we discussed in email recently, we will - from now on - add the competition in which a game is played at the top of match reports. Like this (note: I did not add any < pr > and < p > breaks, so it'll look differently in the actual thread. It should be done like you see it in your email alert!)

Match report: Good victory for Ajax etcetera (headline)

Club Logos (note: no club names below the logos!)

Score (half time score) - score (half time score)

KPN Eredivisie Oosterpark Stadium, Groningen Sunday, 24 February, 2002

NOTE: don't forget to add the DAY ('Sunday') before the date.

I'm pretty satisfied about our reports. I think they're usually good (better than and we usually have them on line soon after the game. Good work.

A few details, tho:

1) Goals below match reports go like this:

15' 1-0 Nikos Machlas

(minute followed by an apostrophe ', then the score, followed by the scorer, including first name). We usually get this right, but note that does it differently, so don't copy/paste that straight into our reports.

2) Yellow and red cards go like this:

Yellow cards: De Cler (Ajax), Bosvelt (Feyenoord)

In case of a 'double yellow' red card:

Red card: Wamberto (Ajax, double yellow)

(Do not add Wamberto to the yellow cards. Do add him, of course, if he received a yellow card first, followed by a direct red card).

If no cards are given:

Cards: none (do not add 'yellow' or 'red')

3) Line-ups!!

Mr Perfectionist says: this causes most problems. We do it the 'newspaper' way. Like this:

goalkeeper; right back, central defender, central defender, left back; right midfielder, central midfielder, left midfielder; right winger, central forward, left winger.


Try to stick to this order! often lists the line-up of the opponents based on player numbers. In that case: check Teletekst or a newspaper. They do it 'our' way.

Add a ; to separate goalkeeper, defense, midfield and forwards! This way, you can't only see the players, but also the formation in which they played!

A substitution goes like this:

Wamberto (76. Pienaar)

NOTE: in case of substitutions, the minute indication in brackets followed by a POINT, not an apostrophe! So, (76.) and not (76'). That's the way the newspapers we use as sources do it. It looks better than's way (76' Pienaar) or Teletekst's way (76/Pienaar).

In general, don't simply copy/paste line-ups from or Teletekst into your reports! Shape them to line-ups Ajax USA style.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2002

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