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by the way, that was a hypothetical question . . . anyways, i just wanted to make sure you all had recieved your invitations and if you have . . . send me the replies! :) i'm itching to get to this day and it seems it can't come soon enough anymore. oh and on a related not, both registries from target and macy's can be found online :) you know, in case anyone was interested. hey leslie . . . you keep writing my old email, put this new one on your fun friend/family list.

as for an evan update . . . he's still drooling a lot, lauging, and now rolling over both ways (stomach to back, back to stomach). His next doctor's appointment is the 25th of this month so i'll be sharing all his weight and height findings (because i know you're all SO interested) . . . oh and another wedding note . . . if you're trying to figure out lodging, you can call my mom as she has a couple condos still set aside if you want to reserve close to the site for those who are interested. otherwise there are a variety of condo/hotel/motels in the area but i suggest calling soon since the holiday weekend is busy up there. anywho . . . kisses to you all and i'll see you all very soon . . . love, the proud mamma, michelle

-- michelle (, July 17, 2001

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