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I am working on my certification through DONA and am wondering if I need to start a small business when I start charging clients for my services? If someone could give me a brief outline of what is required that would be great.

Also, I am going to the DONA training in Anchorage in September but am very interested in attending births beforehand. If there are any doulas in the area that would like to meet for coffee or would let me observe a birth with them, I would love that.


-- Heather Dunham (, July 17, 2001



I guess that it depends what area you live in. I live in the Gulf Shores, Alabama area and I contacted the county probate office and they told me that I didn't need a business license because I am offering a service. However the city (the cities that you will be assisting in; homes of people, hospitals, birthing centers, etc.) does in my area require a business license once you have made $1.00. Here there is a major penalty $500 per day or 6 mths in prison for practicing without a license. I also asked the Revenue Comissioner how people get caught and she said advertising. So, my advice to you would be call and find out as soon as possible. It's definately somthing worth checking in to. Hope this helped! Nicole Charnock:

-- Nicole Charnock (, August 23, 2001.

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