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Ethics presentation thoughts.

- We will agree to work to BACP Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors (1998) but be aware of any special consideration with regard to e-counselling.

- When working as trainers and supervisors we need to work as appropriate also with the BACP Codes of Ethics and Practice for Supervisors of Counsellors (1996) and for Trainers (1997). (Ensure that we all have copies of these.)

- Need to incorporate our worldwide clientele and ensure that it is made clear under what code of ethics we work, who to complain to etc., if this is possible. There needs to be clarity within the contract.

- We will take on board BACP specified code of ethics for e-counselling if and when they are published. At present BACP have published Guidelines.

- Specification for equal opportunities will be the same.

When referring to the code of ethics consider:- - A3-6 Identifing how these can be defined within the unique e-counselling relationship. Identifying what would happen in the event of a technical error. - B2.4 How the Internet counsellor may become aware of their stereotypical impressions and prejudices. (I know I have experienced this, have you?) - B3.5 Introduce technical aspects and how these will insure confidentiality.

See also part 2

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001

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