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Took a look at the complete list of topics of the discussion forum, and it's getting long. Too long for an impatient visitor to find the most relevant thread to post something.

I think some of the current threads can be deleted (we used to have a 'page of old, uninteresting topics' or whatever - still there?), for example the ones about:

1. Didulica (gone; he's now at GBA, so things about him can be posted in the 'Club partnerships' thread)

2. Nieuwenburg, Hosé, Grønkjær, Litmanen, Bergkamp, Dani, Reuser, Van 't Schip (all 'Former players'; we have a separate thread for that now)

3. Westerhof, Wouters (I think we need one new topic named 'Former Coaches')

4. 'League Standing', 'What Is Happening to Ajax?' and '2000-2001 Preseason Matches' (have become pretty much irrelevant now we have a 'Current State of Ajax Football' thread)

5. Some extremely specific threads to which no-one is ever gonna add something new anymore: 'Youth Using Weigth Belts', 'Ajax In Outer Space', 'Eddie Lewis almost to Ajax?' and 'Screen Saver'.

6. The 'Ajax collectibles, replicas' and 'Ajax Fanshop' topics can go together: a 'Buying Ajax Stuff/Ajax Fanshop' topic.

I think this would clean the page up enormously, making it much more 'accessible' to people than it is now. What do you think?

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2001


Absolutely. Your list is for sure, and I'm sure there are more we can do without. I'll work on this tomorrow.

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001

The Didulica thread can stay, cos he's back now...

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2001

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