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I have read simmons book and have read all kinds of stuff online. Are there any other helpful books about the details of LF. I realize that the books i've read don't talk about exactly how to load film holders or polaroid holders, or the details of proc color with a lab (i know this question was talk about in an eariler post). Can anyone recommend some good reading or videos?

Also will a new polaroid holder 545 fit an older camera as long it uses an intl standard?

Thank you all again!

Clark King

-- Clark King (, July 16, 2001


Clark: The best place to start in where you are now...on this forum. There is more information in the current and history section of this forum than you can find in a bookstore full of books. Also, look at the articles on the main page. Have you read Ansel Adams' series of photography books? There is a lot of good info there. Are you near a college? College libraries usually have a good selection of photography books.


-- Doug Paramore (, July 17, 2001.

I've always heard of Stroebel's View Camera Technique but I haven't had a chance to read it myself -- yet. It's not cheap so you might want to check your local library if they have a copy you can borrow.

-- Bong Munoz (, July 17, 2001.

I really needed to second Doug, though I have nothing to add exactly. That is, hang with this forum and get the three-volume Ansel Adams basic series (The Camera, The Negative, The Print). As a comprehensive account of fundamentals, there is nothing close to the Adams series. -jeff buckels

-- Jeff Buckels (, July 17, 2001.

Clark, Use this forum!! I've learned more from these guys and girls than in most books!! You can't question the printted page, this forum is a mine of information. But, having said that I agree that the 3 volumes of Adams' ( The Camera, The Negative and The Print) are worth getting. As for Stroebel, I bought it and find it of very little use, in fact a real waste of cash!! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, July 17, 2001.

The Stroebel book is a classic, although it's a tough read for someone just starting out. I used this as a textbook when I was in school, and I'm on my second copy now as well. The "Photographic Materials & Processes" book he co-wrote is another classic, with an abbreviated version that's out now as well...just about everything you'd need to know is in these books, although they really are textbooks. For more basic books, there's always Kodak's "Photography with Large Format Cameras" or the first Sinar book as well. But these first two are really comprehensive, in-depth books.

-- DK Thompson (, July 17, 2001.

I will second the Kodak book as the perfect starter book. I also have Strobels book and while it contains a wealth of information it is really, really dry. I just got the first of the Sinar Series books and so far it is well written but pretty basic, I am looking for the others in the series. I have also heard good things about the Sinar book that Koch wrote, but used this book goes for over $100.00 and I want to see one before I spend that much.

-- Harry Pluta (, July 17, 2001.

Those old Linhof manuals are good too, I know they cost an arm & a leg used, but I have was a freebie and the other I bought in a used book store. I admit the Stroebel books are dry, but they are jam packed with info., especially the Materials & Processes book, which is about 3 times the size of the other one. Another similar book is Dr. Richard Henry's "Controls in B&W Photography", and Stroebel/Zakia also had a good book "Visual Perception for Photographers" as well...but at some point you need to set the books aside & just start shooting...this may be the time.

-- DK Thompson (, July 17, 2001.

I'm brand new to large format myself, and the book I've found most useful is Stroebel's View Camera Basics. I also have Ansel Adams' The Negative and The Camera, and Simmons' book, and have stared at their pages for long periods of time without benefitting very much from the information contained therein, but this Stroebel book is really making things make sense for me.

-- Katharine Thayer (, July 21, 2001.

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